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Post by ezra-r » Tue, 17. Mar 15, 22:49

I hope you also guys secured the site and improved it since you are on it.

No more 500 Errors and no more apache 2.2 + mod_php ( the correct thing to use nowadays 2.4 with event + php-fpm through uds)

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Post by Virtualaughing » Mon, 30. Mar 15, 19:47

I think that Egosoft has already developed our doom because Xenon AI will reaches the stars :D

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Post by handzon » Thu, 23. Apr 15, 22:46

Excellent, i was not looking forward to getting my other x titles over to my new steam account.
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Post by jkflipflop98 » Sun, 16. Aug 15, 19:58

Pretty neat. Thanks!

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Post by mangar » Tue, 29. Sep 15, 08:24

hmmm I followed the whole thing to update my game accounts to steam and double check click update via steam, did the whole email code and even hit submit in my profile.

How long does it take for steam to get the info and to show up? I would have figure right away?

Seems steam will not acknowledge my egosoft code for X3R from the profile?

reading a little more it seems your only going one way with it? so even though I have 3 purchased copies of X3R on disc, i have to purchase a forth in order to get any support of releases like stuff up on steam? I am really biting my tongue ATM. here I thought you might be trying to open the doors to previous fans and let them flood in and push the activity on steam like a popular game like it once was. I just cant see going and buying a 4th copy of the game .... really now!

But if I am wrong and you are doing it both ways then I am sorry for jumping the gun, but lately I have not had a smile since 2013.

Please prove me wrong and make me smile, I really need it lately.
Oh the fun of restarting x3tc all over again!

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Post by CBJ » Tue, 29. Sep 15, 10:47

As per this sticky thread in the X Trilogy Universe forum, registration codes from retail copies of X²: The Threat and X³: Reunion cannot be used to register those games with Steam.

This has no bearing on your forum registration, other than the fact that your registration codes for those games will show up in your profile as disk-based rather than Steam-based.

It also doesn't prevent you from playing the games; you can even launch them from the Steam Client by linking them as non-Steam games. In other words no need to buy therm again. :)

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