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Re: X3: Rebirth Wasn't Bad

Post by Ch_R0me » Tue, 7. Sep 21, 21:42

Karmaticdamage wrote:
Sun, 5. Sep 21, 16:10
X:R had a terrible endgame. Stations cannot be destroyed, ships are spawned out of thin air, cannot build your own shipyard, and their wasn't anything that the player could accomplish after completing the plot and getting all the steam achievements. Not being able to impact the game world in any meaningful way got boring fast. X-R was the first X game where mods where not optional, you have to use mods. I was there, and it was that bad. I might still play X3 again someday, but I will never install X-R again.
Indeed, also had to use a ton of mods to even complete building the station, not mentioning to fix some remaining bugs...

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