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Syntax - Editor - Colors

Post by Orfevs » Fri, 13. Apr 12, 22:25

The script cannot contain colors with escape codes (such as \033G). These must be loaded through the t files. Those are colors commonly used in menus and subtitles.

Message colors, as used by the old BBS system, are still accepted through the script.

Color Codes:
  • [white]White message[/white]
  • [silver]Silver message[/silver]
  • [grey]Grey message[/grey] ("gray" won't work)
  • [blue]Blue message[/blue]
  • [cyan]Cyan message[/cyan]
  • [green]Green message[/green]
  • [yellow]Yellow message[/yellow]
  • [orange]Orange message[/orange]
  • [red]Red message[/red]
  • [magenta]Magenta message[/magenta]
  • [black]Black message[/black]
I'm not sure whether or not gold and purple are really there. Pretty sure I've tried them though. Considering you have both orange wing and gold wing, I'm almost certain there are more.
- Orf

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