[X2/X3] Copy protection system problems? READ THIS!

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[X2/X3] Copy protection system problems? READ THIS!

Post by CBJ » Mon, 31. Oct 05, 02:17

The copy protection system used is Star-Force. If you have problems with it then you should first try updating your drivers using the Star-Force Driver Update.

If you are still having problems then you should contact Star-Force directly for advice on your specific issues. Remember to mention the game you have, your hardware including your DVD drive model, and the error message or location in which the copy protection problem occurred.

Please only contact Star-Force for errors that occur during the disk check or those that bring up a protection system error message.

Anyone who wishes to remove Star-Force entirely from their system for any reason should use the Star-Force Removal Tool. Obviously removing it may prevent you from playing Star-Force protected games.

Updated contact details for Starforce. Please make sure you have tried other alternatives first before contacting them

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Post by esd » Mon, 13. Nov 06, 13:32

The current release of X2 and X3 no longer requires the physical media nor Starforce in order to run.

Be aware that removing Starforce may cause other applications that require it to cease functioning, in which case they would need reinstalling.

If you wish to install X2 or X3 without installing Starforce, the procedure is as follows:
Install from the CDs/DvD. Do not run the game! Apply the most recent patch. Run the game.
This will prevent Starforce from installing unneccesarily, as it does not install until you run the game for the first time.
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