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Post by adie » Tue, 18. Oct 11, 06:42

I used text file id 7019 and COMMAND_TYPE_PIRACY_31, COMMAND_TYPE_PIRACY_32 for move and rotation the player's target.

Buzzard Vangard
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Post by Buzzard Vangard » Fri, 13. Jan 12, 04:51

The download links for these threads are dead. Maybe they should be removed?
Dead Links:

Station/Complex Relocator by PabloRSA
Station/Complex Seller by PabloRSA

and they're listed under "Trading / Station Management Scripts"

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Post by rafezetter » Wed, 21. Mar 12, 04:48

khaakhunter - DEAD
Comm chatter missions v1.1 - DEAD
LazCorp Kyon Replicator V1.07 - DEAD
LazCorp Military (Sector) Scanner V1.12 - DEAD
Paranid Nividium Processing Plant v1.0 by Nividium - DEAD

there were more but didn't start listing until I got to the top one... one day i'll go through the list properly.

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Post by Coffee_Zombie » Sat, 8. Jun 13, 19:03

So if you had a choice what are the top 20 scripts/mods I should download?
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Post by xxx73 » Mon, 2. Dec 13, 18:05

Some dead file links but please keep this awesome list with all mods made for the overview, even if they are not supported anymore or download links is dead. This list is one of the things that make this community great :)

Also many of us have most of this files on our computers and can send them to other players if needed, I have most of the files :wink:

There have also came more mods since this list was updated, maybe about time some made an "expansion" :)

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Post by xxx73 » Mon, 2. Dec 13, 20:25

I have:
StationComplex Relocator v2.10
StationComplex Seller V1.00
Advanced KhaakHunter script
Comm Chatter Missions v1.1
LazCorp Military (Sector) Scanner V1.12 another download link
Paranid Nividium Processing Plant v1.0

Many files available here

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Post by Hank001 » Wed, 14. Feb 18, 05:15

Hi. Hank's back to X3.
Pulled together all the modeling tools today to update my software and toss out old versions for the new. Glad DBox2 is updated.
So far all the sites and links are up. If not alternates exist.

However... The GUI version of X2BC is on a dead link, and mirror tosses you into adds. :cry:

Anybody happen to have it? I need to twist them pesky bobs into bods.
And that command line dos screen ancient relic from the time the dinosaurs trod the Earth has to go.

Other that that I got a really sweet ship pulled out and slapped into my renderers. Wish I knew how to post it on nifty well. (Oh well... :roll: ) :lol: Hank001 (Now retired and want to PLAY!)
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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Wed, 14. Feb 18, 19:18

DBox2 is available from doubleshadows website. The download links work fine for me (you have to use the link from the Czech Republic though).
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Post by Hank001 » Thu, 15. Feb 18, 04:17

I was talking about the GUI version put out my Moonraven. His (Her, whatever) site is up, download links aren't. What I do have thanks to Doubleshadow so kindly providing it in the downloads is the source code. So armed with that and after beating my fingers sore converting bob to bods I stopped when it hit me. "Hank why not just code you're own?" I dropped the command line screen and pulled up C++, made sure X2BC compiled from his source (Something I learned from experience to do FIRST. Garbage in = garbage out for sure.) Then looking the what he was doing and how I went to his site to try and get a message to him to ask in essence: It's your baby, mind if I play with it? No response as of yet, but a mandatory courtesy. It shouldn't pose that much of a task as a matter of fact. Mostly dropping the right widgets into the right slots, bake for 30 minutes in a 350 degree (F) oven, glaze, and serve to taste. Now Doubleshadow, let's talk about giving DBox2 a Hank001 makeover...

And Moderator, slip over to see how I ended that dead thread "Too many hidden things..." I started in 2006 to see what Hank001 thinks of X2BC and it's creator.
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Post by Hank001 » Sat, 17. Feb 18, 03:17

I'll start a new post here as the info is worth it.

Dbox2's newest version and updates: Though the installer gives you notices of dire doom if it can't find 3ds.ini, go to it's location following the path under your user name in DOCUMENTS and SETTINGS. Not under MY DOCUMENTS, but the root for your user name. Run search for 3Ds.ini there. Then finding it direct DBox2's instillation there. It works on 2009 and 2010 (I have Design versions, should work with vanilla versions) on Win 10. Update worked too so I'm up to v1.8 getting a new M1 into shape for export and testing.

Moonraven's GUI X2BC download links still dead. Will not wait for them to come up since I have a better idea:

I code so when my emails to Doubleshadow returned give me his okay I'll start developing a Win 10 GUI shell for X2BC. See thread "Help" I posted. I'm looking for community input for this project.
It's half done already as Doubleshadow had source code on download site. Auto convert of whole directories appeals to me since my vision's not good and I just can't read command screen as accessibility features of Windows don't work on that.

If Doubleshadow doesn't - can't get back to me I might with enough support publish anyway, but really I won't just dump my work out there and expect you all to grind on and blame me when it doesn't do what YOU want. You get your input. When it goes final and you complain it's then on you because you didn't pitch in.

Really coding in this day and age and 1000 tools and 1000 tutorials free for the taking at Sourceforge so it shocks me more of you don't code and that a tiny little DOS program doing something as simple as format conversion hasn't been turned into a Windows GUI tool by now. It's far from rocket science and a bunch easier than creating the models that X2BC fetches for you in the first place. I'm not going to give lessons either. There's over a dozen ways and methods to get X2BC from it's present source code into a WIN 10 GUI (Most in under 1 single hours work if you have templates and libraries freely available on Sourceforge). No you will not be able to get to the level of coding Doubleshadow needs to create the code in the first place. That's serious programing. What I'm speaking of is a skill most professional 3D designers need to create plugins, filters and tools that programmers do not have the talent or skill to develop. I wish I'd had this skill in 2006, but going into the professional world had me catching up with C++ (Its variants), Java (its variants like Coffee), XML, UTF, so on with need at the moment and YOU WILL NEED more frequently than you can fill the need. It's the nature of the beast and reason that for every game published there's a different flavor.

(Have I shamed enough or is at least one of you thinking "How dare he! I'll show him! :evil: Good! Please do or I've wasted a post.)

Edit: Received a very nice email from Doubleshadow. He's given my project his blessing. Nice to hear from him again.
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