Help with fighting tile rank from script editor please

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Help with fighting tile rank from script editor please

Post by bocap » Sun, 29. Jul 18, 23:17

I installed Extended mod on reunion, then I play the first argon mission which is patrol mission. so after I finished the first mission I decided to get some credits to gears up my ship for the next mission, I then go to ore belt and try to run trading between solar energy and ore mine in ore belt sector, and after a several trade run, Kha'aak suddenly spawn a huge fleet with 3 destroyers in ore belt sector and began to invade the ore belt sector they start destroy the solar energy where I try running the trade with ore mine and they also destroy all agron orbital platform defense and all argon defender M2 ships and wipe out the entire argon stations in ore belt sector included private base and private savage shipyard. now the Kha'aak had dominated ore belt sector. so I decided to remove them from this sector, I then unlock the scripted editor and spawn M2 class ship, but after I spawn the argon M2 class ship, the ship wont let me use its weapon even all laser were installed, i had search for this issue from the web and I think that my fighting rank is too low to be able to use its weapon. when I get inside the M2 class ship, I do not see any empty turrets show up on my screen, and it look like just a display ship but can not be use. but if I spawn lower class ship like M3 then all the empty turrets show up when I get inside the ship. I think my fighting rank only able to use M3 class ship. I need help to edited my fighting rank in script editor so I can use M2 class ship to remove the Kha'aak from Ore belt sector. thanks all

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Sun, 12. Aug 18, 17:30

The Fight rank cannot be edited using the Script Editor in X3. The best you could do is creating a bunch of high class ships with no weapons, shields and only low hull value, so you can destroy them easily. LV's Cheat package, which you can find at the top of this forum in the Cheat script sticky thread, has a feature like that.

Your initial problem, not being able to fire weapons from an Argon M2 destroyer, however is unlikely to be related to your fight rank. As there is no limitation as you describe it. What's more likely is that your sitting in the cockpit of the ship, while M2 (and similar high class) ships only have turret weapons. You have to switch to one of the turrets using the F1 key in order to be able to fire the weapons manually.
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