[MOD] X2: Firelance 4.0.4 [RELEASE] [16/June/2012]

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Post by SteelRush » Sat, 12. Jan 13, 19:03

Here is a 7 minute cut of video, showing a military response fleet responding to Pirate aggression in Ore Belt:


This is taken from the new version in progress, I am calling Firelance Omega.

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Post by SteelRush » Sun, 20. Jan 13, 06:56

Firelance Omega, will have a much larger focus on economic changes. One of the main changes, is the AI will have a real economy. There will be no more pulling money out of thin air. We are currently stress testing the following economic model:

If a station goes deep into debt, it will go out of business. A station must purchase it's ships out of pocket, so a station can be driven out of business with enough severe losses. The revamped reputation loss system ensures the player can't simply go around assassinating with impunity.

When stations reach a certain level of profitability, a new station of the same kind is opened. So the economy expands and retracts based on demand.

Trading Stations, Equipment Docks and Shipyards generate tourist revenue. The more influence a station has, the larger the amount of tourist passengers that will arrive. At maximum influence, a Dock is capable of generating around 300k credits every 15-30 minutes with the current beta guidelines. AI stations use tourists, which keeps them profitable.

AI Shipyards gain 50% revenue from stations rebuilding ships. 10% of this revenue is shared with the local Equipment Dock. This ensures the profitability of these AI stations.

AI Shipyards fund the fleets of the races, and if a shipyard does not have the funds to rebuild a lost fleet, the fleet will not rebuild until the shipyard has the funds to rebuild.

Invasions only happen if a race has the spare funds at a nearby shipyard to cover potential losses.

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Post by dathion » Tue, 22. Jan 13, 11:40

Nice been waiting for this type of overhaul. :)

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Post by GDI-BOSS » Thu, 21. Feb 13, 22:22

Hi guys i downloaded and install mod but when i play i see maney readtext but in this mod there are not any file or folder "t" how can resolve?txs

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Wed, 27. Feb 13, 10:46

The text file is stored directly in the cat/dat. You can extract it using the modmanager by doubleshadow.
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Post by Divine Shadow » Tue, 12. Mar 13, 04:57

SteelRush wrote:Firelance Omega
Its great to see some people still care for X2 and are improving it.

Its not the game is old and useless far from it its got a lot of potential it just seems people are too busy modding newer stuff they always ignore the slightly older one.

Even X3 Reunion seems to be left in dust.

But look at "Morrowind Overhaul 3.0" and other such projects on older games bringing them to life and making them very good and fun to play.

I shall try your mod it would be great if you get the following awesome stuff added to your mod:
Something similar to:
"Improved Races V15"
"Race Response Fleets"
"CODEA Weapon System"

And a bunch of other awesome stuff that would make X2 simply awesome.

It seems youre already doing great with response fleets.

A dynamic economy you mentioned is very interesting the idea that factories will open/close and build when needed etc if i remember correctly egosoft once thought about doing that but they decided it would be *too much* effort and simply added infinite respawn and energy free spp....
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Post by SteelRush » Sun, 5. May 13, 04:45

I am at a stage of modding, where the economic scope of this mod will need quite a bit of testing and fine tuning to get right. The framework is there, but for this mod to see the light of day, I'll need some volunteers willing to test and offer feedback on the progressing economy.

Drop me a PM if interested. If I end up with no volunteers, unfortunately, Omega will probably die right here.

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Post by overseer1 » Fri, 10. May 13, 23:21

I´ve just installed the mod and is running well, but i have no text on the new wares, ships or stations, just the generic "readtext xxxx", how can i fix this?

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Post by Verahta » Mon, 20. May 13, 03:00

Very cool, looking forward to new updates. Really love the work you guys do on this mod, fun stuff.

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Post by Verahta » Mon, 20. May 13, 03:47

I tried to install the new version of Firelance but I can't remember how (last time I played x2 was with FL3 or 3.5), and there are no instructions. The "docs" folder in the zip file simply says "install 1.5, install update/plugins, then Install Firelance" but it does not actually describe HOW to install the mod.

I tried putting the extracted files in the mod folder, that did not work, and I tried copying the extracted folders directly into the X2 directory and that did not work. And I tried copying the contents of the extracted folders into the corresponding folders in the root directory and that too did not work.

I get the same error, I start a new game and it CTD during the cut scene when the mammoth is rising up through the clouds. Crashes at same spot every time.

I did go to properties of the X2 application icon and changed it to XP/2 compatibility and Run As Admin.

Any ideas why this is crashing and can someone tell me how to properly install it? Because I can't find instructions anywhere.

Thank you.

EDIT: I might have figured it out, maybe. Seems to be working so far!

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Post by Verahta » Wed, 22. May 13, 13:48

Why does the Argon military keep attacking me? I am trying to level up with them, but my freighters from my SPP keep getting attacked and all hell breaks loose.

How do I avoid pissing off my ally? Thanks.

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Post by Verahta » Thu, 23. May 13, 02:00

I need help with something.

Why is Argon killing me even though we are friends? They keep destroying my SPP and attacking my ships, even though I have "Friend" set for relations and high percent of "trusted friend/accepted member" status.

I have a SPP, an Equipment Dock, and a Mammoth parked in Home of Light, and randomly the Argon Prime Sector Patrol of military ships keeps killing my space stations and ships for no apparent reason.

WTF is going on? This game has become unplayable until I can find out what the heck I am doing wrong.

Please advise, thank you.

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Post by SteelRush » Thu, 23. May 13, 06:30

Dropped you a PM. If you don't have an illegal stations, I might need to get a copy of your save to look and see what's going on.

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Post by Verahta » Sun, 26. May 13, 00:09

Thank you Steel for the fast patch you provided, fixed the illegal goods bug.

May I ask, is there any documentation on the mod? For example any docs on the new weapons, ships, sectors, etc?

If I run into any more bugs I will try to collect as much detail as I can for you.

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gunnery crews?

Post by Verahta » Sun, 26. May 13, 10:16

How do the gunnery crews work?

I bought some and put them on my M6 but I haven't noticed anything in the commands/console to suggest how to use them.

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