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Post by jlehtone » Sun, 23. May 10, 22:38

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IIRC (and this is really thin memory) the script does not have or look up numbers (if that is even possible), but has an ordered list of weapons. It probably was an IF .. ELSEIF .. block. Similar system was used both for power and tracking.

Therefore, you would have to edit the script in order to change the list of preferences. And you want to edit it so that it matches whatever order of turning rates in your TLasers.

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Post by NavaCorp » Sun, 30. May 10, 17:18

If I've got it correctly, changing the rate of fire, turret speed, etc...of weapons without changing the hierarchy written in Gunnery/AEGIS will make the plugin to still use them correctly.
Only if I make e.g. the GPPC faster rotating than an AIRE, then I would have to change the order of use for these weapons in the scripts.

Thanks. :)

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Post by Verahta » Sun, 26. May 13, 23:06

I have gunnery crew I bought on my M6, but I can't find any new commands. Where exactly are the gunnery crew commands located?

Thank you.

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