Scripting in X2

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Scripting in X2

Post by the old one » Mon, 18. Nov 02, 18:54

We have been told that when X2 becomes available we will be able to write scripts /commands for ships,what i want to know is if you put a jump drive in a transporter, could a script be written so that the transporter would use the jump drive in search of ie energy cells,ore ,sun oil ect any where in the X-Universe :? Dennis ps i would not have any idea how to write scripts
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Post by Al » Mon, 18. Nov 02, 19:17

the details of writing scripts is available in the dev-net IIRC. Get a dev-net account and have a look there. I believe there is (or at least was) going to be a tool to allow simple scripts to be generated by people without coding skills or the time to learn.



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Post by nobbystyles » Mon, 18. Nov 02, 19:59

yeah i heard from some early x-news (i think) tat it sad there would be a load of pre made lines we can stick into our own scripts. that should make life easier

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