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Post by parameter » Fri, 7. Apr 06, 08:49

LV wrote:
jlehtone wrote: However in the meantime, could someone point me to the part of ReadMe / a thread that explains that command?
dont know where to point you :)

Parameter i don't see why the downloads will not work for the mac, have you tried them??
Sorry for delay in responding! I am not very well. I do not see any of the downloads as being cross platform. I only see one download actually, the one removing need for Cd in game and that is an .exe file. Everyone talking about scripting must be referring to pc only also.

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X² All In One Bonus Package v. 1.04.01 [11/8/05] download from the Bonus Material Dow

Post by parameter » Mon, 24. Apr 06, 18:21

Erm! Any chance of Mac compatible X2 downloads? I have tried again and again but the '.exe' part is the killer.
Many thanks!


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.exe files update! Sorted.

Post by parameter » Fri, 16. Jun 06, 14:46

Hi peeps! :)
I downloaded '.exe' files onto old pc, expanded them, transferred data to X2 on my Mac. Now I have lots of mods and other bits!

I is happy again!


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Post by -Joshua- » Wed, 12. Jul 06, 14:48

SMS doesn't seem to work for me, all the prices and such remain the same.
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Post by raptor_XIII » Fri, 16. Feb 07, 20:46

Could someone please try and help me??? I've followed all the instructions for installing the bonus pack but it still wont work (eg. Full fight command mk1+2 and mosquitos but no missile defence options and full remote trading and trading software on all ships but no 'trade run command'). I only started playing very recently and haven't installed mods/scripts on this game before. Could anyone please give me a hint at what is going on?
PS. I have version 1.4 which was intalled before the scripts and i made sure the correct directory was selected. I also ensured the in-game script editor was on too, just in case.

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Post by raptor_XIII » Sat, 17. Feb 07, 15:57

Regarding my earlier message (if anyone read it) all my problems were solved when i built a factory. So no help required. :D Yay!!!

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Post by NavaCorp » Fri, 4. May 07, 04:46

Is there a period of delay before AEGIS/Gunnery and Combat SW are installed and activated with this plugin 1.04? When I start a new game the NPC M2, in Argon Prime don't fire neither if they meet an hostile nor if I shoot them: they only launch missiles. I've checked that they don't have neither Combat SW nor AEGIS installed and I've checked that this happens both in the plot-game and in the custom (no plot) game; it happens also if I insert M2s by the X2-editor (Doubleshadow) in the Example map.

I've tried also to insert by X2 Editor M2s with Combat Mk1/2 + AEGIS: they are created with the upgrades installed but they still don't fire. They don't fire even if I put an M2 with race set as Xenon and an M2 with race set as Argon/Split: the M2s don't fire but turn around each other, just launching some missiles.

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Post by NavaCorp » Sat, 5. May 07, 22:50

I've verified that there's actually a scheduled delay, as the AEGIS/Gunnery were activated on NPC ships in sequence around the universe, ship after ship. If you exit the sector, fly around through the universe for some minutes, all the capital ships activate their turrets and the AEGIS/gunnery upgrade (switching weapons).

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Post by NavaCorp » Wed, 9. May 07, 11:51

Actually they don't always activate their turrets: some NPC capitals remain defenceless.

Besides the problem is not limited to Argon Prime: it happens also in other sectors.

Have someone else experienced the same with 1.04? With 1.03 bonus pack it never happened. :?

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Post by The_Hooded_jew » Mon, 9. Jul 07, 19:15

is there a program that you can be a proper pirate with?

dark destroyer
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Post by dark destroyer » Thu, 9. Aug 07, 19:37

bah i just pwn them with my centuar ro oddyessus heheh khakk go boom Pwn,d:)

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Need urgent help on this mod

Post by Maliki » Sun, 27. Jan 08, 02:57

What version do I need to install this mod. And I have had to reinstall 4 times. I need to know exactly how to get to this section. What version do I need to have installed to get to this cheat. And what directory do I put this in please? HELP :roll:

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Post by gargamel69 » Sun, 16. Mar 08, 14:12

Please help me. I have installed, Spanish version 1.4 of X2 and last Bonus Pcak. First Mk3 Traders works fine, i have 3 at level 25, but now i have various new MK3 traders that dont up level. One of they, have tradying in a sector, won 1.000.000 credits but still in level 1. What happens?

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Post by AlexWoody » Mon, 9. Jun 08, 16:54

Apologies for a "newbie" question, but I need to be sure on this:

If I dowload the bonus plug-in pack, will this reset my savegames? Will it be compatible with version 1.5?

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Post by adobis » Mon, 9. Jun 08, 18:37

No, you savegames are still available ;)

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