Boarding mods?

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Boarding mods?

Post by jacex3tc » Fri, 31. Aug 18, 15:14

Without going into it because I don't really think it needs going into I guess, are there mods to make boarding, to borrow from a one Michael Scott, not... that... way?

I looked but the only thing I can find is for X4.

Practically anything would be an improvement.

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Post by Honved » Fri, 31. Aug 18, 15:22

Not WHICH way? There are currently two.

You can either try your skill/luck at spacewalk boarding if you're trying to prove that you can do it (yes, it actually IS possible, as I have proven after something like 40+ attempts), or you can pick up an M7M and "simply" fire off boarding pods, after taking down the shields and launching some distraction (fighter drones, swarm missiles) to occupy the attention of the enemy's turrets.

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Post by Alan Phipps » Fri, 31. Aug 18, 15:34

Saying for which X game would help a lot and if you want to know about mods then the relevant S&M forum is the place to first look, read up a bit and then ask if necessary.
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