Star Wars Mod Reborn - Compatible Scripts and Mods

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The Game Mogul
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Star Wars Mod Reborn - Compatible Scripts and Mods

Post by The Game Mogul » Tue, 5. Jun 18, 08:59

In an attempt to help new players understand the plugin and script system and to crowdsource the compatibility evaluation of the scripts, plugins, and mods for the Star Wars Mod Reborn, I have created a document which will catalog the add-ons that I find compatible and will continually add the ones that fellow users contribute in the comments below.

The google doc can be found here ... sp=sharing

Thanks to happyblue for linking to the ModDB page for the Star Wars Mod Reborn found here:
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Post by Happyblue » Sat, 16. Jun 18, 02:43

Long time X player and just found this mod. I can say that MARS Fire Control (MARS) by Gazz is not compatible, I also tried DrBullwinkle's repackfor SPK v 5.26 but no joy. They both disable the new ships and only show vanilla ships.

I was also wondering if the included "reccomended" spk files were valid because I seem to remember Cycrow's bounty hunter and merc guild being X3 only since it used the mission board system from that game.

Early in but so far the following seem to work: (Note all mods were installed as packages via Plugin manager lite using either the included spk or one I converted via Cycrow's package creator)

Free Jump for AI's (works for Player, Universal Traders, and other AI's)
Repair Ships Command

Salvage Claim Suite (beta)

7ate9tin11s (updated by Hauger)
Universe Explorers 2.4.1 / AP libraries (required)


MK3 Improvement Reloaded

ThisIsHarsh (edited and updated with color by Khaakbuster on page 59) ... &start=870
NPC Bailing Addon 1.7.8 with color

As I play with more mods I will edit and add to this list. What would be also helpful is a list of what mods are already merged in the mod. I noted that CODEA is part of the mod and was wondering what else is in it to save on duplication.

Thank you for taking the time!

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Post by Happyblue » Sun, 17. Jun 18, 15:18

Just occurred to me that I do not think the link the mod itself is hosted here. I only found out about it from a post on STEAM. It is currently hosted here on MOD DB

The amount of work and effort this guy has put into the mod is amazing and it is worth at least a try if you even remotely like Star Wars.

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The Game Mogul
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Post by The Game Mogul » Fri, 22. Jun 18, 08:14

Thanks for testing those mods I'll add the compatible ones to the list! I'll get the names of the plugins that are already integrated into the mod from Mik, that's a great idea. Nobody likes duplicate mods...

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Post by Mavor » Tue, 17. Jul 18, 04:29

Has anyone found a fix for fighters (especially faster ones), suiciding themselves into larger capital ships?

I know there is bounce, but it doesn't really seem to be working for me...

Perhaps a script to just totally turn off collision damage for all ships?

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Post by SirNukes » Fri, 20. Jul 18, 04:45

There is no great solution to that problem, sadly. Collision damage is buried pretty deep, and I don't know of anyone who has managed to get at it.

For Bounce, one thing to check is if you have a "wall" file for Star Wars Reborn, which basically has the bounding box dimensions for all of the capital ships. If not, check the Bounce thread for instructions on how to make one.

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