[X3AP] Peace Is Coming

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[X3AP] Peace Is Coming

Post by jlehtone » Fri, 1. Jun 18, 19:42

... perhaps. Some day.

The Goners have Good News: they are ready for peace. All they need is some able pilot to gather people, who will talk for Commonwealth and Terrans.

My ID card (attached below, authenticated fake from accredited Teladi workshop -- no discounts available) implies some piloting experience that might be sufficient to cross the contested war sectors. Furthermore, I have been rather successful at "Get that Terran!" tasks. The Goners, however, are most peculiar -- they demand the Terran to be delivered alive. :o
That'll be the first ...

What I've been working on -- and is the main gist of the post -- is my Terran reputation. Surely they won't trust some nobody? I could have rushed much more, but now I finally have reached one milestone in my game plan: moderate renown among the ATF. I firmly believe that I'm considered a VIP among Terrans. A definite We are Number One vibe.

I do have a worry though, that shall delay the peace talks somewhat. I have brokered a most satisfactory deal with the ATF. I am allowed to purchace Valhalla-class ships and Jump Beacons from ATF as long as the War continues. Terran peace-time bureaucracy will not allow such profiteering. I need some more shipments. :pirat:

Alas, the Goners are driving a hard bargain. They do offer to refocus my UFJD that went all bridesmaid a while ago. That is hard to resist. :doh:

I'm fully aware that my perfect reputation will be slightly tarnished if I meddle in the politics, but I'm determined to clear my name once the peace talks are over.

A Man with a Plan, on a Mission. What could possibly go wrong?

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Post by DrSuperEvil » Fri, 1. Jun 18, 21:23

So steal the Ozias and get peace? Or just steal the Ozias and continue the war. Your rather low trade rank means silly UT ships going for a hike through the warzone should not be a problem.

You get your UFJD back immediately if you accept when first offered yet have to wait if you initially decline.

Also just kill the xenon entering Segaris for quick rank until you can do missions around Oort Cloud.

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Post by Cycrow » Fri, 1. Jun 18, 21:31

peace is a lie, there is only passion

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Post by radcapricorn » Fri, 1. Jun 18, 22:07

Through Victory, my chains are broken.

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Post by jlehtone » Fri, 1. Jun 18, 22:27

Cycrow wrote:peace is a lie, there is only passion
Indeed, although I fancy grabbing all the Terran Station Construction Kits that they are willing to peacefully sell before I return the Terrans to favourite hobby -status. I hate to admit that Terrans are entertaining after years of passionate Xenon herding.
DrSuperEvil wrote:kill the xenon entering Segaris
If one would insert one Hub link between Megnir and Segaris, another by X472, and then wipe X472 entirely clean, then one would know how X101 will bring the balance to the force. Why let a plot supply needless targets, when arranging mayhem is elementary? :split:
DrSuperEvil wrote:Your rather low trade rank means silly UT ships
I have no UT ships, silly or otherwise. Some Local Traders, yes, but mostly Commercial Agents. Even them take naps most of the time, for I tolerate only high margin transactions.

Goner Protectors are entitled to preaching vessels of some sort, are they not? :roll:
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Post by TTD » Sat, 2. Jun 18, 08:04

one of the key features of this game is being able to swap allegences as and when it suits you.

nice to see familiar names still popping up here, even if the forums are quieter than they used to be....heck I remember when posts were being added while trying to read them .
but still nice to see acrivity here , even now. :-)

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