DLC, will Egosoft return to the dark days of Rebirth?

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DLC, do you want it,yes, no or maybe?

Yes, I would love DLC
NO, I hate DLC
Maybe? The middleground seems nice
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Stoats not Goats
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DLC, will Egosoft return to the dark days of Rebirth?

Post by Stoats not Goats » Wed, 30. May 18, 10:27

Personally I am only creating this topic out of curiosity and see what you in the community think about the likelihood of DLC or friendly updates from Egosoft. If a thread for DLC has already been created I sincerely apologise for my ignorance.
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Post by Fleabum » Wed, 30. May 18, 10:48

If the DLC is justified, true new content, then yes.

If the DLC is additions of items that were already in X3, for example races, sectors or ships, or bug fixes/game design changes that were highlighted as problematic before beta, then no.


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Post by linolafett » Wed, 30. May 18, 12:35

Your question is leading, so do not expect a representing poll result with such a baked in opinion in the title.
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Post by spacecoyote99 » Wed, 30. May 18, 12:36

I am fine with DLC if reasonably priced and containing a decent amount of content.

I've known Egosoft long enough to know they're not going to milk us deliberately (*cough* Paradox *cough*)

Since the game became much much more detailed, completely working out all the races and ships present in AP for first release (and at the usual price point) would be unattainable.

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Post by Skeeter » Wed, 30. May 18, 12:53

We have had this discussed at length already, I'd vote close this topic/thread as it's a duplicate.
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Post by Fleabum » Wed, 30. May 18, 15:12

linolafett wrote:Your question is leading, so do not expect a representing poll result with such a baked in opinion in the title.
Totally agree with you lino, the title is already biased. OP maybe change it to reflect the post in a more pragmatic approach. (by the way I didn't vote on this poll as I thought it was leading)
spacecoyote99 wrote:Since the game became much much more detailed, completely working out all the races and ships present in AP for first release (and at the usual price point) would be unattainable.
Have to disagree on this, X4 is meant to be the next iteration from X3. I can live with time constraint game development issues forcing the first release of X4 without X3 content like Boron and Split. This later released as freely downloadable DLC, but I would not pay for them. To me that makes me feel content has been removed from the earlier game in the series, then added later and I am being milked to pay extra for this.

It would be different if the new game was called Rebirth2, then I would agree with you, as my expectations would be based upon what is available in Rebirth, and then they would be content additions.

Personally I would prefer either a longer development cycle and have X4 have a complete set of races than release a part finished game (based on race) then expect customers to pay for additions later to complete it. Or the other option which I like more is release X4 at a lower price point in early access, then have paid for additions as they become available (for race updates).

Time will tell and when the cards fall, only Egosoft know how and why they will move forward with release options and pricing. So long as they learn from the Rebirth debacle, I am sure it will work out OK.


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Post by Ezarkal » Wed, 30. May 18, 15:40

Dark days of Rebirth? Seriously???

If getting a first batch of new content for free, then a second one for like 10 bucks is considered "dark days", you didn't play any game from the past decade.

Seriously, look around... "day 1 DLCs" have been used like a feature from most game creators since mass effect 3.

Here at least we got true additions to the game, not stuff that was withhold from release. And for as long as we get content out of it, if it means getting more stuff while helping the team make it until their next game, then I say bring them!
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Post by sd_jasper » Wed, 30. May 18, 15:50

For me, DLC is always a judgement call. I evaluate if the "base" game was worth the price I paid, and if the DLC looks to have content that justifies it's price.

I want to continue to support companies that provide a good amount of content for what they are asking. Adding new areas, new ships, new missions, etc. I'm more than willing to pay for (given I'm not being charged for each ship, in some sort of micro-tran store... please none of that).

To the leading title, I don't agree that X Rebirth's DLC model was "the dark days". EgoSoft still provided tons of updates with bug fixes, improved systems, new systems, etc., for free. And they gave away the first DLC to early adopters of the game! That IMO goes to show the level of dedication to their product and their fans that I find almost non existent in other developers.

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Post by Santi » Wed, 30. May 18, 16:28

Same as other said, one free DLC, another one with tons of content for the price of an "exclusive equipment pack" or "add on" in any other game.

Dark days of X-Rebirth title is misleading in my opinion.
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Alan Phipps
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Post by Alan Phipps » Wed, 30. May 18, 16:38

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Post by Honved » Wed, 30. May 18, 16:56

My assumption would be that, like X2 and X3, this game will also have several major iterations. Those releases qualify as complete games in their own right (such as X3:TC versus X3:AP), rather than as expansions or DLCs, and have new plots, new ships, and new sectors, even though they share the same engine and a lot of existing assets with the previous release within the series.

For example, X4 could begin with a game set in a region between Terran, Argon, and Teladi settlements. The next installment could occur near Boron or Split space, and add that race as well as new plotlines involving them, rather than having a DLC that just adds a few of their ships to the existing game.

In other words, I'd rather see a few complete games with major improvements and changes rather than a constant string of minor upgrades, the latter being far more difficult to modify without having to update the work constantly to conform to the latest DLC changes.

I'm not sure about how some of the races are pictured in earlier games (I never played the original "X" games, and only dabbled briefly with one of the earlier X2 games), but I always envisioned the Paranids as some kind of "centaur" race with 4 bovine legs plus a pair of arms on the upraised part of their extended torsos. The Boron are clearly multi-limbed, probably with tentacles for locomotion rather than legs. The Split seem more likely to be bipedal, but that's not a certainty, and the Teladi are almost definitely bipeds. I'd rather see Egosoft take the time and effory to do a credible job of representing the various races as being truly "alien", rather than bang out some cheesy generic-looking graphics and animations to include them in the game as quickly as possible.

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Post by Karvat » Wed, 30. May 18, 18:11

They can't, they can't make a mistake as big as Rebirth again, now they should know what was wrong with it

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Post by KRM398 » Wed, 30. May 18, 18:22

any time DLC comes out the day after a release it could very easily have been within that release, and yes companies are doing this a lot. But IMO its never right, or wanted. If you have it ready the day after the release was ready... that same day...you could have added it. so dont charge people for something you could have added already. thats my opinion, and I've said the same thing on several different sites over the years, and own at least one game that I payed good money for that since has added several paid DLCs, that I never bought (ED).lol its a game not dinner or my rent so not necessary.

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Post by koyuka » Thu, 31. May 18, 21:15

Agreed, very misleading title. Most are educated enough to realise this though. Having said that I am more than willing to pay for DLC provided it is extra content. I would not pay for the DLC if it is content which they considered including in the base game but then decided to not include it for the sole reason of extracting more money later on (Europa Universalis 4 and CIV series are prime examples of this), just puts me off these developers altogether.

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Post by Chips » Fri, 1. Jun 18, 00:39

Talk about "loaded" topic title/question... no guessing what your opinion is :P

DLC done right can work fine. DLC done to generate money as the main driver, not fine.

I love Paradox games, but their DLC model is turning me off titles that I had (in previous incarnations) loved.

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