Is there a way to increase the HUD size in 4k?

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Is there a way to increase the HUD size in 4k?

Post by Danny200 » Mon, 23. Apr 18, 14:25

Hello I don't know if this is the right place or not as I'm not sure if there is a mod for it or it's already in the game somewhere or if I can just edit a file or something.

Anyways I have a 60 inch tv that I play PC games on with a controller in my living room (I use it like a beefed up console) anyways I find it very relaxing rather than launched over a desk. I got a big screen as I have a big living room so I can see better.

Anyways due to the screen being 60 inch I am unable to play any games with a resolution below 4k or 3080x2140 (I think that's the resolution?) As the picture is really stretched on such a big screen and is blurry and hurts my eyes. Even at the 2500-1400 something res (Sorry I'm bad with res sizes) the screen is still blurry.

So I had a look around on the forums and Google and found a few posts but some are old and out of date or links are dead or maybe I just suck at watching. One thing I did find is if I press f5 that makes the map bigger that helps a lot.

I use litcubes universe so I was wondering if that has a feature to make the U.I bigger? If not is there another mod? Or an option in a file I can edit or anything at all?

It would really help as it's rather hard to see any icons and the speed and lasers and stuff thanks for the help in advance.

Alan Phipps
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Post by Alan Phipps » Mon, 23. Apr 18, 16:12

Possibly not I'm afraid.

It might be possible that messing with any post-processing, scaling, fit or stretching functions provided by your TV display itself whilst using otherwise 'native' game settings may get you some compromise that you can live with. Of course that means putting everything back again for watching TV or using it with other applications unless it also stores 'custom display profiles'.
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