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Post by adeine » Wed, 18. Apr 18, 15:47

SirNukes wrote: The more I think about it, the more compelled I am to put it together for lols. :) (Or to utterly fail and learn from the experience; either is good with me.)
You should! Even if nothing comes of it, this is already way more legible than the xml.

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Post by Snafu_X3 » Mon, 30. Apr 18, 06:32

A thought occurs:

Is it possible for MD to utilise orbital bodies (moons, planets etc) as points, now they're visibly moving? If so, MD could be enabled to create missions with time /constraints/ (ie not simple time /limits/)

Eg mission-giver 'Require xyz <stuff> by date/time <t> as <orbital bodies> align'. If passed goto reward; if failed goto <loss of rep>; if missed goto <next_time> (if mission is not cancelled by <player>, but loss of rep still occurs). <next_time> can be calculated ofc from the bodies' orbits, & a reminder flashed up on <player's> screen (or not :))


I can see a suitable utilisation of 'instaspawn' missions as OP suggests (sorry GCU!), but /only/ in areas far out of station/ship scan range, & they should have appropriate infrastructure (eg hostile base of appropriate size given game difficulty lvl/size of spawn) to support them nearby.

Patrol groups should be less signifiicantly armed as they're effectively 'scouts' for their base; Marauders should have definite & specific attk/loot orders & Rievers should be targeted appropriately to (their hostile closest) capship/station. This gives a 'living' feel to piracy: a purpose for their ethos if you like. Despite them being 'thin air spawns' out in the uncharted barrens, once spawned at least they have an ulterior direction & motive other than being simple player-bait

Who knows, maybe <player> will fail the first (few?) attacks brought on by their exploration, & the region will suffer continuous <hostile-induced> economic problems until this 'random' spawn is finally reduced to rubble?
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Post by ajime » Wed, 2. May 18, 05:23

I still remembered using FRED2 like it was yesterday. Fun times.

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