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P/o Prune
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Post by P/o Prune » Wed, 28. Mar 18, 13:27

Thanks for the welcome TTD. :)

I've tried a little of this and that and found that I actually prefer controlling the ship using the keyboard. Having said that I hurry to say that I haven't yet tried the "fighterpilot mode" I would imagine that a joystick would come in handy there.

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Post by zazie » Wed, 28. Mar 18, 16:49

I support your approach of gaming. Don't think that your first game experience will be the best approach. Just try out a few things. Later you will realize that you spent too much Credits for stuff you don't really need in the beginning. Or that you bought the wrong factory.

Nevermind - it's your "test"-game. After about 50 - 100 ingame (IG) hours you will start again - and doing things better.

Oh, and veterans count their IG-DAYS :)

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Post by Honved » Wed, 28. Mar 18, 17:20

One good point that has been made is that you can generally sell off SOME of your expensive weapons. Two guns is sufficient to take on most equal or smaller opponents in a 1:1 fight, particularly if you're still learning to aim, and would otherwise run your 4 or more guns out of energy quickly.

The money from a pair of weapons can pay for several engine tunings and some software upgrades. I rarely buy maneuvering thrusters for fighters (they'll spin 180 degrees pretty quickly), but they're close to priceless on capital ships.

Cargo space can be expanded for a price, which comes in handy for picking up dropped missiles and other debris after a battle. Hanging around a sector while two rival factions fight, or after the Xenon or Kha'ak have attacked a few freighters, can allow you to sweep up several thousand (or several hundred thousand) credits worth of goodies for free, if you've got the cargo space. Note that ships can only pick up wares up to a certain size: S, M, L, XL, and Station sized), so even if you've got the cargo space, that dropped XL size Ore might not fit through the Medium sized cargo hold doors of your fighter. Many light M5 fighters can't even equip Cargo Life Support (a M size item) to carry passengers for taxi runs, or fit long range scanners except on recon variants specifically designed with them built-in.

The long, tedious trips across sectors becomes less tedious as you begin to field freighters and factories, and have multiple fleets defending them. You'll find that those intervals don't seem long enough at times for dealing with all of your assets between missions and events.

Tip: LAND at a station before engaging in any kind of dangerous activity or uncertainty (like taking a mission you know little about). If/when things go belly-up, you can reload the game from your last docking point. You can buy Salvage Insurance at several places in the game, which allow you to save in space, otherwise you can only save while docked.

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Post by Triaxx2 » Wed, 28. Mar 18, 18:56

Most important of all, the tagline is Fight, Trade, Build, Think. That last one is the most important one of all. Think carefully before picking a fight. Think carefully before making a trade, and think carefully about where you build your empire or stations.

And very often you can think your way out of the problems you run into by looking at different tactics or values.

Also, the Rapier's quick, but the Kestrel's even faster.
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Post by jlehtone » Wed, 28. Mar 18, 19:08

Make mistakes, Traveller! :goner:

That presents* opportunity to observe, learn, and recover from predicament.

[*] Some personal effort required. No guarantee of success.[/size]
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Post by RainerPrem » Thu, 29. Mar 18, 05:33

P/o Prune wrote:Thanks a million for all the replies...
I haven't gotten that far into the game, yet. Having an 8 year old kid looking over your shoulder, asking this, that and the other thing somehow tampers the effort :wink:
Anyways, I have found that I truly enjoy playing this game, especially in the evening / night when the house is quiet and I can sip a glass of quality whisky and admire the graphics and all the effects of the game. :D

there will be some VERY exciting and astonishingly surprising views ahead.

Have fun.

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