Looking for help with ship model editing

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Looking for help with ship model editing

Post by azzadawg » Fri, 9. Mar 18, 09:29

Heya, with the help of Cycrow and his Package Creator, I've managed to create a couple of .xps ship to add to x3tc. All stats and performance work great, however the original model is a gigantic (in game) M2, and I'm looking to scale it down to an M6 Corvette size. I've gotten so far as to importing the shipScene .bod into Gmax/Dbox but any changes I make there do not transfer over to the ship in game when repackaged. I believe I have to scale down the shipModel.pbb but I can't figure out how to open it let alone edit it. Any help would be appreciated! Cheers!

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Post by UniTrader » Fri, 9. Mar 18, 15:42

you could just remove the .pbb file if you also provide the model in another format - the game uses the mesh files in this order (not sure about the middle two though):
so if you remove the .pbb it should use the .pbd instead, if not present the .bob etc...
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Post by azzadawg » Sat, 10. Mar 18, 02:29

Unfortunately I only have the .pbb file to work with. What software is used to edit .pbb files?

*EDIT* Haha, after some searching, I now see that .pbb is an archive! So using info I got from elsewhere on this forum, I extracted the model from the .pbb using winrar, renamed the extracted file to .bob, converted the .bob to .bod using X3 Editor 2, imported the new .bod file to Gmax/Dbox, and voila!!!! I have an editable model!!!

Taking your advice UniTrader, I repackaged the .xps with the new .bod file, that did actually work, awesome.

For some reason now, I have the .bod open in Gmax and I have no problem scaling it down to a more usable size for me, but NOW I can't seem to get it to export out from Dbox! Any tips here?


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Post by Hank001 » Fri, 30. Mar 18, 02:26

Awesome Shadow vessel there guy.
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