[X3AP] Problem with in-game graphs

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Le Boron Chétif
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[X3AP] Problem with in-game graphs

Post by Le Boron Chétif » Tue, 6. Mar 18, 23:10

I'm trying to access my player ship usage graph in the Advanced menu of X3AP, but the chart shows what appears to be a random list of ships I've maybe used once only, apart from a few secondary player ships I did use for some time (e.g. Cobra for capping). Either way, no stats are present against the ship names (the 'hours' bars are blank across the entire page).

I recall seeing those stats displayed accurately in the earlier days of my current game, but that was before I had many ships or started to look for my favourite ones.

I know it's a totally unimportant thing, but just wondering if this is a known issue that might have a fix? Unless I'm simply too dumb and there's a way to scroll up and down on the chart...?

Note that other similar charts (e.g. Player Kills) still display normally.
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Post by jlehtone » Tue, 6. Mar 18, 23:38

My ship usage graph is nonsense too and I recall someone here hinting that we two are not the only ones.
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Le Boron Chétif
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Post by Le Boron Chétif » Wed, 7. Mar 18, 14:25

Meh, too bad. But thanks for the reply!
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Post by ubuntufreakdragon » Wed, 7. Mar 18, 16:18

Let me think loud:
I bet Ego has sorted the used played ship by some stupid order, e.g. alphabetically or the definition order in the tships.
so you most used ship e.g. starts with z and was used for many days
you once sit in a ship start with a for some minutes, now there abcd's with one minute use time are displayed first and already fill the graph, the graph is scaled by the ship with the highest usetime z, so all value displayed are close to zero as 1min/20days is not much.

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