Built-in Life Support not recognized by Transport Passenger missions

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Built-in Life Support not recognized by Transport Passenger missions

Post by argon_emperor » Mon, 26. Feb 18, 17:44

So I recently went through and made it so all ships in my game have SETA and Cargo Bay Lifesupport as built in components, but when I docked at a station to do a Transport Passenger mission, it tells me I need Cargo Bay Lifesupport and (for this mission) 36 free cargo space. I'm flying an M6 currently, I can see in the "built in components" that CBLS is definitely there (also have Marines on board, so it kinda has to be there), and have a couple hundred free cargo space.

How do I get the transport passenger missions to recognize built in CBLS? I know they recognize it for TP ships
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Post by ubuntufreakdragon » Mon, 26. Feb 18, 18:31

They explicitly check for the ship being a TP not for the buildin extension.
this is defined in director 0.3 ... and 0.30 ...
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Post by SirNukes » Mon, 26. Feb 18, 21:45

Unfortunately, all of the director scripts use the special case code for TPs, since egosoft never added support for built-in wares to the director. I have a note in X3 Customizer life support transform that it doesn't get recognized by missions.

Possible fixes would either be to modify all related director scripts (annoying to do programmatically since they don't use consistent syntax for their TP exceptions), or to switch to a clumsy background script which occasionally checks all ships in the universe and adds life support to those lacking it (instead of setting it as a built-in ware). The latter would tend to limit the prevalence of marines on npc ships (since most of them wouldn't have life support upon spawning), plus it would return to the situation where you can damage the life support module to kill all marines pre-boarding.

A third option would be to dig into the compiled code and modify the director ware check command, but that feels like more trouble than it is worth.
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