Idea: Rare and Unique Ships

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Post by Greenhorn » Sat, 5. May 18, 19:42

Hi all, makes me think,about your statements x3 I always get the griffon m-7, at the high/ end of game ship,a multipurpose ship. But like to stay wih the best shielded-fastes corvette m6.Hmm im thinking devs / egosoft if you put unique ships.So you have now; s,m,l,xl.So Like the size of griffon, but has a auto repair facility any small ship that dock there can be repaired,besides npc who can repair dock and alternative ways .to do things.
Since all ships are shielded based defensive. How about(( upgradable armored hull skin)) for ships.Or like a paint coating atop of armor,to reflect certain weapon type.. Make use of niviidem minerals too.niviidem armore anyone?. :o ..bye all.
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Post by Falcrack » Sat, 5. May 18, 19:44

I am opposed to the idea of one-of-a-kind, player-only ships. I am even opposed to the idea of engine tuning, cargo bay expansions, and rudder optimizations that only the player is able to take full advantage of, and the AI simply cannot or will not utilize.

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Post by Fulgrymm » Thu, 10. May 18, 02:28

Rare and unique ships would be pretty great, and could come in all sizes.

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Post by Karvat » Thu, 10. May 18, 09:30

So boring, finding a special ship and better than any other, and improving it as well, seems like using cheat, and you feel forced to always use that because the AI would waste it.
Put some debris instead; every time I found an abandoned special ship, I always destroyed it in previous games in order not to see it.

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Post by Honved » Thu, 10. May 18, 17:09

I'd rather see more variety in the major factions' ships, not one-of-a-kind wastes of artist time and money.

Civilian ships: I want to see NON-military ships in the game. What does that upper-middle-class working family living in the space station use? Does everybody in the universe fly the space equivalent of Jeeps and Hummers? Nobody owns an SUV, pickup truck, or sports sedan? We need a class of C3-5 ships (better yet, overhaul the whole twisted M0-M8 mess into something that makes sense).

A handful of different rare and unique ships could make a good expansion or later patch, not something that Egosoft should priotitize for the initial release.

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Post by Snafu_X3 » Fri, 11. May 18, 04:19

Hmm.. 'unique' (or at least rare) ships/ship variants..

If locations were randomised (for 'free' abandoned hulks or hostile attks) they may work. However, IMO there is no point (WRT game balance) in 'giving' a starting player an OP ship, just as there is little point in 'giving' a late-game player a ship that they'll likely have little use for (having tricked-up all relevant vessels already) except maybe for collectors

I've no idea how the forthcoming release will turn out; maybe 'unique' ships will have some 'special ability' that makes them better than stock without being OP.. we'll see
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