do terran ships cheat with their scanner?

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do terran ships cheat with their scanner?

Post by fireanddream » Mon, 5. Feb 18, 19:21

Kiting generally doesn't work for terran capitals for some reason. Xenon capitals will go idle once there are no more enemies in range but every terran capital will chase me to 150 km off the center. I was in Jupiter killing god knew how many terran capitals, including the whole rrf goon, two skirnir, two odin, at least two non rrf osaka, at least one tyr, lots of vidar, vali and yokohama, aegir, and they just kept coming. Eventually rrf ships respawned and the whole cycle was about continue when i thought to hell with it and just cap the mysterious Woden and jumped away.

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Post by jlehtone » Mon, 5. Feb 18, 21:50

If I fly to Jupiter and off-center like that (X3AP, with fast M6), there may be some after me, but not so clearly. However, when I drop a beacon and call in some big ships, then the RRF jumps in and most of the host arrives to worship me.

I usually do the trip when I know that the War has reached a point where the Commonwealth pushes into Jupiter and ATF has an extra pair of Odin and Woden there. The Commonwealth Task Force doesn't last (except the Teladi, who do not fight), but additionally during my raids the Terran and ATF ships have started to fight and kill each other. Yes, I've seen Terrans butcher ATF vessels.

It must be a small bird's reaction to superior enemy (me) that they cannot successfully approach.

Anyway, yes, the Terran&ATF seem to know my distant presence (all without "nothing moves in Terran space without Valhalla knowing").

However, you have to ask this: Is Jupiter a War Sector? Does War affect intelligence? Would Argons see you just as good, should they dislike you?

Neptune is not at War Sector. Skirnirs in Neptune do spam you, if you get into missile range, but their formations do not chase me with similar fervor.

The RRF does, but I bet every RRF is equally insighful.
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