My game keeps crashing and I don't know why.....

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My game keeps crashing and I don't know why.....

Post by Danny200 » Fri, 2. Feb 18, 22:52

So I got a brand new computer... it's only 2 days old.... I just installed X3 AP via steam I installed litcubes correctly everything's fine only today I just started getting game crashes....I don't know why... it just comes up with a box saying x3 has stoped working... with a little moving bar... then crashes... that's it no errors...

I don't know what's wrong I defiantly got above normal specs for the game to run on... I got a core i7 quad core and GTX 1050ti 4G and 16G ram.... I have about 5 fans and 1 cpu cooler so I don't think it's overheated....

Any help i am lost... thanks...

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Post by CBJ » Sat, 3. Feb 18, 02:30

To have any chance of helping you we're going to need a [url=][b]DX[/b][b]D[/b]iag[/url] report, as requested at the top of the forum. You also need to try and get the game working without any modifications first; if it only starts crashing once you've modified it then that's between you and the person who created the mod to sort out.

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