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X2 Video Recording
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PostPosted: Thu, 18. Jan 18, 15:41    Post subject: X2 Video Recording Reply with quote Print

I noticed the options there is a streaming recording option. I found that my game can actually use htis without lagging (which alone i find strange). When i go to playback, it does so effectively, but I can't move around the camera angles or something like that. This tells me that it really is a streamed format. So, how would one go about viewing the file outside of X? What format is this? VLC seems to be thoroughly confused.

EDIT: Well, it's gzipped. Looking at it post unzipping, i see alot of readable data. So, i'm confused why it seems so raw, unable to change viewpoints and such, yet what is in the file is showing information that suggest it's not pre-rendered.

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PostPosted: Fri, 26. Jan 18, 21:53    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

It's an internal recording and playback format that stores all the positions and movement of everything, including the camera. Although in principle it might be possible to change the camera position while it was playing back, that was never part of the implementation. I believe the original purpose that it was created for was for the recording cutscenes for missions, where the camera position and movement needed to be part of the playback.

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