X Beyond the Frontier Still has players?

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X Beyond the Frontier Still has players?

Post by Gosnell » Mon, 22. Jan 18, 00:06

According to steam spy,there was 12 concurrent players yesterday,my question is,who,who still plays it,come on own up :roll: .
Also Rebirth VR had 13,needless to say that didnt set the world on fire.

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Post by Morkonan » Mon, 22. Jan 18, 05:03

I don't, but I do know several old pilots around here still love playing it.

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Alee Enn
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Re: X Beyond the Frontier Still has players?

Post by Alee Enn » Mon, 22. Jan 18, 08:37

Gosnell wrote:my question is,who,who still plays it,come on own up :roll:
"We are assssking quessstions, whooo are youooo?"

Alan Phipps
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Post by Alan Phipps » Mon, 22. Jan 18, 13:44

You do realise that the twelve disciples of XBtF have to maintain a low profile in case the internetz hyenas get wind of them? :D

Seriously, you only have to look through the relevant Ego forums for some clues - such as this thread or this one. :wink:
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Post by theeclownbroze » Mon, 22. Jan 18, 14:06

I played it recently via steam on my laptop (2 weeks ago or so), the truth is I never actually finished X:BTF,
the furthest I got was entering the goner temple and asking them for help, when the goner priest tells me to fit a mineral scanner or something
So am replaying to see the rest of the story.

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Post by Golden_Gonads » Mon, 22. Jan 18, 18:11

I haven't the stones to replay X:BtF these days. What with it having to sell your current equipment to replace it, or having to lock onto each station to have it on the map... I barely have enough guts to replay X2.

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Post by brucewarren » Tue, 23. Jan 18, 16:49

I tried it, but found it too hard :oops: Maybe I just have to admit that in my advancing years I just can't cut the old skool any more :cry:

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Post by jlehtone » Tue, 23. Jan 18, 20:36

The old pilots probably don't use steam, for they've used to their pferde. The wheel and fire are borderline too new technology too.

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