Where do Terran big ships spawn again?

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Bill Huntington
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Where do Terran big ships spawn again?

Post by Bill Huntington » Sun, 7. Jan 18, 20:37

I usually restart a game in AP when things are too slow for a while. My marines weren't ready for boarding the Terran big ships. This time I got them ready faster by just getting the Mechanical Rating to 100 for the fifteen marines I needed. I kept a crew of eight on the Acinonyx all the time and boarded a lot of Hypes. I got the Fight training to 100 that way.

I've had four Kyotos all spawn in Asteroid Belt. There was a short pause before they returned. Jupiter had a Tyr and two Wodens. The two Wodens had HP so I just took them out with a Cobra barrage, each attacked with 4 barrages of Hammers. I used 'unattributable' missiles so I didn't lose rep. The Tyr didn't have HP so I boarded it. I got close so it couldn't stop the initial barrage. The boarding pods followed quickly. Then I jumped to Unknown space and came back when the Tyr was mine.

I tried a new idea. New for me anyway. Asteroid Belt is the only Terran sector where you can use the Unfocused Jump. An error message comes back that says you can't jump. A few Terran sectors have Jump Beacons. These sectors change in different games. You can use Unfocused Jump in these Sectors. But I've never seen a Terran Jump Beacon in Asteroid Belt or Jupiter. I managed to capture a few Jump Beacons with the boardings I did earlier in the game. I saved the game first before I tried the idea. I left a JB 20 km away from the Tyr I wanted to board and then got close to the target. I was able to jump to Unknown space in Jupiter when my own Jump Beacon was deployed. I had high Terran rep. The JB didn't get attacked while I was in Unknown space. I came back with all the ships blue and a loss of one level of Terran rep. Not bad for the Tyr that I wanted.

In TC the boarded or destroyed M2s came back in Moon Sector or TU2 (or TU3) (it's Segaris now). I haven't seen any come back there in this game. I'm wondering if Asteroid Belt and possibly Jupiter is where they spawn again.

Question: What sectors do Terran or ATF M1 and M2 that are destroyed come back in?
Bill in S.F., enjoying the game

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Post by RAVEN.myst » Sun, 7. Jan 18, 20:46

Asteroid Belt and Jupiter are war sectors in X3AP, and so I suspect their spawns and despawns follow their own specific rules to do with that set of game mechanics. By the way, Neptune has a gate and thus supports UFJD, as do the "extra-Solar" Terran sectors beyond that gate. Neptune itself is heavily trafficked, so this may or may not be of use to you, but the previously Unknown Terran Sectors are more sparsely inhabited for the most part - fewer targets, but also fewer "interferons".
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Bill Huntington
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Jupiter spawning

Post by Bill Huntington » Tue, 9. Jan 18, 00:31

Just a note. I've taken the fourth Kyoto in the Asteroid Belt. They're huge shape is easy to spot even without a satellite in the sector. They spawned quickly, probably more quickly that if they were built in a SY. I did a shuttle back to Jupiter. I took a Tyr and destroyed two Wodens by missile barrage before I left. I ducked back to Jupiter after taking the Kyoto and found a new Tyr and two new Wodens near the South Gate. None of them had HP so I came out ahead on the exchange. They respawned quickly and came back in same sector, a War Zone. This was definitely faster than they could be built in a SY. I planned to take the Tyr and then take some time to rebuild Terran rep before I came back for the others. They didn't give me a choice. I only saved the captured Tyr because it kept its 5 x 2G shields. 2 red Aegirs and 3 Katanas were attacking it when I came back from Unknown space. They wouldn't take an apology and I had to gather my Jump Beacon and leave the sector.

It's not a big sample size but it does show something about how the big ships respawn in the War Sectors.

Any other pilot have experiences to add?
Bill in S.F., enjoying the game

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Re: Jupiter spawning

Post by RainerPrem » Tue, 9. Jan 18, 06:23

Bill Huntington wrote:... They spawned quickly, probably more quickly that if they were built in a SY.
X3 capitals are not built in Shipyards. These are summoned from the eight dimension by performing a black magic ritual.


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Post by jlehtone » Tue, 9. Jan 18, 18:59

When I'm in War Sector, I will not leave until I'm done and all my assets have already returned home. On some of the longer sessions "new" targets have sailed in from Gates (but I have not checked their age). Some new waves of RRF too.

The thing is that the "war clock" can progress only to the next milestone of war, but no further as long as you stay in the sector. When you do leave the sector (to any other sector, after withholding the milestone), the next phase of war can start (as you can hear from the announcement). The contents of each phase seems predetermined.

In other words, the war has its own rules.

However, there seem to be Terran formations that travel around irrespective of the war.

I do have a script that lists all Terran Capitals, with locations. However, I haven't paid any attention to the details.
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Post by SirNukes » Tue, 9. Jan 18, 21:51

For the non-war related ATF capitals, it looks like there should be an M1 in asteroid belt, an M2 at the moon, and an M1 in Segaris. Rapid response ships can include ATF capitals, and will spawn at shipyards. Non-war Kyotos also spawn at shipyards, getting rebuilt around 8 hours after being lost, with only 1 being in the game at a time.

A lot of what you are seeing is probably from war spawns, which seem to have really short or non-existent respawn timers, and have no shipyard requirement. The only thing I really know about war stuff is that Osakas will spawn and attack your capital tier ships in war sectors when you are OOS.

You mention not seeing ships respawning in Segaris or the Moon. At a glance, those ATF ships are set to spawn in a specific one of those sectors, but also flagged to respawn in a different sector after dying. Maybe that bugs up their respawning? I haven't tested it myself, and would have assumed no bug except that you said something.

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