Station Building in "Empty Space"

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Station Building in "Empty Space"

Post by ZaphodBeeblebrox » Mon, 8. Jan 18, 15:44

In Rebirth you could fly out of a zone into "empty space" and then set a beacon, after this you could build stations.

Once a station was built you could then name the new zone.

Will this still be available in X4 and will it get around buying a license?
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Post by Vandragorax » Mon, 8. Jan 18, 18:21

From what I gathered so far from information released during the streams and Q&A, we will be able to place stations on any of the "building plots" but there will be a sort of leasing cost associated with where that placement is. In simple terms, the closer to claimed space it is, the more we'll have to pay that faction for the privilege to build there, but if we go out into "unclaimed space" we could build for free without "building plot" fees.

Haven't heard anything yet about being able to name our own zones though.

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Post by Alan Phipps » Mon, 8. Jan 18, 19:02

I'm not quite sure that is exactly what the devs said or meant. See this thread.
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Post by Nanook » Mon, 8. Jan 18, 21:41

I asked that very same question in the quoted thread and never received a reply. :roll:
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Re: Station Building in "Empty Space"

Post by Rice » Tue, 9. Jan 18, 11:53

ZaphodBeeblebrox wrote:In Rebirth you could fly out of a zone into "empty space" and then set a beacon, after this you could build stations.

Heh you never learn out even in X:Re, seems i need to tryout if i can rename my Empty spaces .
first i need some" spacebacon" :lol:
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Post by Snafu_X3 » Thu, 11. Jan 18, 22:15

You don't even need to place a beacon; simply plop the station down in an 'empty space' buildspot. Once the first station module is built youcan then go to its details & name the sector from there
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