Too many missiles....

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Too many missiles....

Post by Danny200 » Sun, 7. Jan 18, 09:05

So I'm playing X3 AP again and I have litcubes universe installed.... now my problem is that there is far too many missiles and the NPC fire way too many missiles and they do way too much damage... it feels cheap and cheesey....

Now I know.... use mosquitos.... problem is... if there is like a dozen ships and they fire missiles I don't think you can give or have enough missiles to help defend yourself... and if one of them touches you even in an M6 your dead....

So my question is.... is there a mod or plugin that reduces the amount of muddled used by everyone?.... I would love to have a battle in my m6 without a cheating little ship spamming missiles and I'm dead... I hate missiles to the point I kinda don't wanna play sometimes.... I don't want them gone completely but seeing a few missiles take out an m1 or m2 with ease is not fun at all... just need a plugin to reduce missiles....

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Post by Alan Phipps » Sun, 7. Jan 18, 12:38

Hi. LU mod gameplay is discussed in the LU thread and general modding questions go in the S&M forum too (ideally after reading the community mods and scripts indexes).
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