Player Character customization

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Player Character customization

Post by Kinscar » Wed, 3. Jan 18, 14:48

I've lurked and lurked but I've yet to find any information on this, I'm sorry if it's been addressed but will there be any way to customize your character with different clothes/uniforms/EVA-suits etc? Maybe a way to cycle between the available character model heads that exists in the game?

I know your game start will determine WHAT you are but not WHO you are if that makes sense.

Is your look entirely determined by the start or will there be way to alter it slightly?

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Post by repatomonor » Wed, 3. Jan 18, 17:27

Imo, a male/female switch would be enough. Maybe hair colour options.

But since this game's avatar won't actually represent you, unlike in multiplayer games, I see no point in having an advanced character customization option.

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Post by PabloRSA » Wed, 3. Jan 18, 19:22

If it did, I would be ok with a set of 10-20 predefined heads, maybe all the nps heads in game.
Just make us wear gloves and we can choose teladi head and think we are teladi "without a tail", or split.

or better yet, just assign a skin id to player own body and load the nps skin from head to toe.

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Post by nemesis1982 » Wed, 3. Jan 18, 19:37

I for one really hope they do not waste their time on something as trivial as what the avatar is wearing or what head he/she/it has. I prefer them making sure all the new mechanics are qorking properly. If there is anytime left there are many sustantial things to add before anything else, Borom\Split\Terrans for one.
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Post by UniTrader » Wed, 3. Jan 18, 22:00

i think the X Rebirth Player Avatar is completely fine :D
its a 1cm³ floating Cube :D you can see this when thoroughy looking for your shadow
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Post by Requiemfang » Thu, 4. Jan 18, 04:10

UniTrader wrote:i think the X Rebirth Player Avatar is completely fine :D
its a 1cm³ floating Cube :D you can see this when thoroughy looking for your shadow
That always bothered me... no shadow, no feet or torso to see when you look down... yeah... I mean geez...

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