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Post by Miniding » Thu, 11. Jan 18, 22:30

I continue playing XR since the beginning (a bit of pause though) and from there to 4.1 and latest... This game is the good base for a very good game!

First there were lot's of mistakes from Ego and choices made wenren't that good.
Ego is a good firm with good guys... Maybe not all but most :lol: and they did what they told us all along the road of XR, Fix it, improve, make it better, and stable... It's now totally the case as you assume that some origin-game choices make it unsuficient to be a GREAT X as we know some.

As the name said from the very start of XR, it's a REBIRTH so it's just the beginning!

I trully think X4 will keep me up late lots of nights as all X3 did by their time...
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