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Redvers Ganderpoke
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Post by Redvers Ganderpoke » Sun, 24. Dec 17, 13:40

Use a fuse tap and run the wire from the fuse box that's how I installed my dash cam. (Three times now 2x Skoda, 1 xmini)

I have also used scotchlok connectors but the fuse tap can be uninstalled without any damage.
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Post by mrbadger » Sun, 24. Dec 17, 18:31

I know almost nothing about wiring. However, after reading this thread I believe I get the gist of the problems you need to avoid, those being water on the wire and a stable connection.

I have observed that ducks appear to be fairly resilient to water adhesion, so I would suggest sticking several ducks around the wire you want to tap into. That should keep it nice and dry.

I understand that considerable research has gone into duplicating the abilities of Geckos to adhere to any surface, so rather than wait for such research to bear fruit, I’d suggest going to the source and chucking a few Geckos in there as well for good measure.

That should sort you out in no time.
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Post by Morkonan » Sun, 24. Dec 17, 20:24

Praefectus classis wrote:Crimp or solder the joints first. If you want a tape that will keep the moisture out, self-amalgamating tape is the stuff to use. It sticks to itself and you stretch it to around 50% to get a good seal.
That's good stuff. I've used it before, it just didn't hold up well in the environment I was using it. (Extreme temperature/humidity changes.)

I think adding a couple of ducks, maybe a gecko, would be a pretty good idea, too. :)

Maybe a witch? Or, some really small rocks?

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Post by fiksal » Mon, 25. Dec 17, 08:34

One moment; I'll gather up info on what I am connecting)

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Post by patient zero » Mon, 25. Dec 17, 20:27

If you don't know how to solder, don't practice on your car. Trailer & tail lights are notorious for being easily damaged. It's much safer and easier to use crimp connectors with heat shrink insulation. The two biggest enemies of automotive wiring are vibration and weathering. Both must be eliminated to prevent future problems.
What's the downside of this method? They come apart? Connection gets worse / hot?
Yes, exactly this. Don't use scotch-locks. They have a high failure rate.

If the camera didn't come with a wiring diagram, you need the one for the display. Some of them can control the camera power while others can't. Most DC semi-conductor and/or capacitive devices are easily damaged if the polarity is reversed.

Most of the advice already given is pretty good. Custom wiring is always experimental and you should expect to make more than one mistake on your first try.
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