X3 AP | XRM Huge Speed Distance HUD problem

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X3 AP | XRM Huge Speed Distance HUD problem

Post by Sammorgan0 » Thu, 21. Dec 17, 17:49

http://www.ieltstutors.org/uploads/1/0/ ... m_orig.png

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I'm using XRM with X3 Albion Prelude and I have this bizarre problem of a giant speed distance display in the centre of the screen. The ship is a Nexus. There is no problem when flying my other ship (Eclipse). There is also no problem in I use a cockpit mod. Using Reshade.

Anyone seen this before and know how to fix it?



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Post by CBJ » Thu, 21. Dec 17, 17:59

Unless you can reproduce the problem with an unmodified game, we will have to assume that the problem is caused by the mods you are using and leave you to take the matter up with the author(s) of those mods in the Scripts and Modding forum. I do remember seeing similar reports before, however, so hopefully you should be able to find some answers there.


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