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Post by hst » Fri, 15. Dec 17, 17:01

I'm liking the looks of the new ships, very nice.

I also appreciate that Egosoft has taken on board criticism of Rebirth and are bringing back features from X2/X3.

Best of luck to everyone at Egosoft and looking forward to playing this.

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Post by Spectre01 » Fri, 15. Dec 17, 17:39

Missed the stream, watched the youtube video.

All in all I'm very impressed. I'd preorder it the moment it's on steam :lol:

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Post by nemesis1982 » Fri, 15. Dec 17, 18:53

Rice wrote:
nemesis1982 wrote:... you can have 3 products per station buying and 3 selling ...
... the most profitable 3 options are displayed which are in high demand etc. based on the Hexa-grid-> Station cluster -> Station "zoom level" of the map.

Its more like a Top3 of wares in vaule (from the needs and productions for making a fast coin) ...
Ah that indeed makes more sense. Thnx
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Keep in mind that it's still a work in progress although it's taking shape nicely.

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Post by Mick100 » Sat, 16. Dec 17, 12:09

The streams have really captured my interest in the new X game. What has been shown so far looks great!
Encourage egosoft to keep up the community engagement.
I like the idea of transporter over jumpdrive, i think it will create good gameplay in strategy, system layouts and missions.

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Post by surferx » Sun, 17. Dec 17, 16:29

This game looks like it's going to be more than I had hoped for. The ship models look awesome. I had reservations about XS- S-M-L-XL ship models but it makes sense. S for exploring, but can fight or trade if the need arises. M for fight/trade, but not limited to that.
Also, it's nice to see the Teladi M look more like it's incorporating the original design concept. Never a fan of the X3 Falcon's looks.
Menus and icons look good and well thought out. In fact everything I saw in the video looked well reasoned and logical.
Keep the streams coming. I think they seem to go by quickly because they are so enjoyable!
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Post by jasonbarron » Mon, 18. Dec 17, 17:20

I haven't had a chance to watch the latest stream. Has there been any discussion of the flight model? After a few thousand hours of flying in Elite Dangerous I don't think I could go back to the XR "debug camera in space" feel.
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Post by alexalsp » Mon, 18. Dec 17, 17:48

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Post by yimmasabi » Tue, 19. Dec 17, 23:37

Very nice work, nice visuals and better designs.


Is it being multiplayer online ? If it is this is awesome

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Post by Nanook » Tue, 19. Dec 17, 23:44

No multiplayer.
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Post by Skeeter » Wed, 20. Dec 17, 08:24

Might want to edit the title of this topic as it says live today, might confuse people.

< Done. Thanks. Alan Phipps>
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Post by spacecoyote99 » Sun, 24. Dec 17, 14:39

I don't know if it's possible to change this, but on the Youtube upload it now shows Star Citizen as the displayed game.


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Post by Alan Phipps » Sun, 24. Dec 17, 15:14

That's just an unfiortunate coincidence of YouTube's sponsored advertising, and not with any direct linkage to Egosoft's products or submissions. You never know, there may even be an Egosoft icon on the Start Citizen vids. Hopefully players may get to enjoy both games in the future. :wink:
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Post by Nikola515 » Mon, 25. Dec 17, 18:38

This is little bit of topic but I'm surprised how Ego did complete turn when it comes to community. It is somewhat strange and awkward :wink: I guess they wore paying attention to our critics.....

1)They are more open about their products (unlike before).

2) They actually talk to community more and answer questions (thanks CBJ).

3) They re showing us videos of X4 :shock: (we got 1 video of XR in 3 years).

4) They give us to pilot all ships including capitals (even is someone don't like it) ;)

5) Finally RTS map UI ( I'm sure bigbangtheory is happy after asking for ages).

6) All thought im not happy about Split and Boron I respect this honesty about it.

Anyway Marry Christmas and keep up a good work Egosoft :D
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Post by DaMuncha » Sun, 31. Dec 17, 15:56

I'm very happy that Egosoft are including the community in the development of X4. I know they want to make something exciting and unique, but they have to make a game for the audience that they are marketing to. Rebirth may have sold the most preoders than any X game but in my opinion Rebirth was a monumental failure. So I am pleased that Ego soft are including us in the development this time and listening to our feedback to make X4 the best it can be on release date.

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I tried to resist

Post by jasonaerts » Wed, 3. Jan 18, 16:01

But... after watching all the available content for X4 im pretty excited.
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