I got my own ship boarded, here's what happened next

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I got my own ship boarded, here's what happened next

Post by fireanddream » Sat, 30. Dec 17, 17:35

I assume people know how to abduct marines from RRF M7Ms. If not here's how.

New playthrough, gotta do something new.

This time I approached an RRF M7M with my shield down Hyperion after exhausting its offensive missiles. It's gotta be an M6 which can be boarded by 5 marines since AI doesn't fire all of their marines together. A boarding pod was fired at me and ignored.

"Warning, one of your ships is being boarded. Grand Exchange."

*marine fighting music

No situation update.

*core hacking music

And then everything quieted down.

I was in an NPC ship then. I could fight with autopilot for the control but as soon as I stayed idle for a few seconds AI took over.

*insert Jacky Chen against Teladi alien fighting inside a spaceship cockpit scene

Here's an imgur album that contains a few mildly interesting screenshots.

Last but not least.

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Wegoras Holigis Hilibis V
Yahinussos Hilibis Gantelios VI

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Thnnks for the report.

Post by Bill Huntington » Sat, 30. Dec 17, 19:42

Thanks for the report, fireanddream.

In TC the NP ships didn't use their missiles very well. In AP they do. In TC the NP big ships had marines but didn't use them. Now they do.

You can reload, I presume. And we're on notice. Keep the shields of your player ship high. Keep HP, IS, AF software on your player ship when you get it.

The other side of it is taking his marines when they end up in space. If you pick them up they're yours.
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Post by UnknownObject » Sat, 30. Dec 17, 22:47

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Post by RAVEN.myst » Sun, 31. Dec 17, 09:04

I really wish the AI were more proactive and "goal-oriented" regarding boarding - that would make it necessary for players to keep marines on board their ships for protection, would make captured HPDs, ISLs and AFSs more than just decorative trophies and an item to intentionally *choose* to install on particular ships. I know that many wouldn't like the "downside" of how it may slow down their fleet growth, but I for one would welcome that - some extra ship customization.

Thanks for the account, fireanddream, and the additional link (as yet unvisited by me, on my way), UnknownObject :)
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