mouse speed... :-(

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mouse speed... :-(

Post by CplNobbyNobbs » Wed, 1. Nov 17, 09:56

well I have the same issue with mouse speed as many others it seems.
I checked the solutions posted previously in this forum (vsync, different windows resolution, changing mouse speed in windows) but couldn't find anything that works for me.

So, has anyone already found a way to fix the ridiculously slow mouse speed? The game itself runs perfect, FPS is perfect, mouse is responsive and moves smoothly but really slow.

Small issue but game-breaking nonetheless.

I play X3LU, if that makes any difference.

Alan Phipps
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Moderator (English)
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Post by Alan Phipps » Wed, 1. Nov 17, 16:56

I take it that you have already checked for options in your dedicated mouse driver/control panel. You could also try an updated or different mouse driver.

We can't really help you much as we don't know anything about your mouse or system; slow mouse speed is definitely not a problem for most players so it must be something more related to your specific system and set up.

You could also check your mouse in a vanilla game start to eliminate the LU mod as a culprit, but I have played both vanilla and LU without any mouse issues.

EDIT: Some similar-looking reports relating to other Steam games that I have found may suggest that the 'mouse smoothing' option (if applicable in your case) may have a significant mouse slowing effect with some systems.
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