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Post by jlehtone » Mon, 16. Oct 17, 22:02

You mean, for example, what -Dusty- did ten years ago in X3R: ... 41#1991641

(Please don't resurrect that zombie.)

I had "woolpacks"; sixpack of woolly mammoths. A regular SY can host 6 TL's simultaneously. The "super" SY's seem to be limited to 4 ... :(
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Post by LOKioO42 » Mon, 16. Oct 17, 22:05

I was going to put up some pictures but they where too big.

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Post by zazie » Fri, 20. Oct 17, 10:45

There is (was) a gigantic-thread about "megaplexes' in the German Forum (going back to X3R); just have a look at the pictures and numbers of those complexes: , but be patient: 155 pages ;)
Just one example: ... ks_jpg.htm

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