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Post by Raztax » Wed, 18. Oct 17, 14:40

Timsup2nothin wrote:
Raztax wrote:
Nanook wrote:Sadly, the OP seems to have left us due to the comments of a few posters. :(

That is really too bad. It's sad to look at Steam charts and see how few people are playing this game. New players now would be great for when X4 is released.

Seeing the current numbers, I am surprised there will even be an X4.
Very happy, but surprised.
Not everyone plays on steam. In fact I'd guess that a majority of people who play predate the games being available on steam, other than AP, which I for one didn't play until I could get it on GoG.

Now, there's something Egosoft might take note of regarding X4.
That is a good point, I use Steam so much that I often assume everyone else does as well. I really like the idea behind GoG and have purchased a few games there.

In all honesty though I prefer Steam versions. It's just nice to have most of my games in one place and I've never had any issues with Steam. I've been using it since the beginning, before they even sold games through it.

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Post by Alan Phipps » Wed, 18. Oct 17, 15:21

Please don't let this evolve into a Steam discussion thread.
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Post by Nanook » Wed, 18. Oct 17, 23:12

Timsup2nothin wrote:
Nanook wrote:Sadly, the OP seems to have left us due to the comments of a few posters. :(
At a guess, the reason the OP has left us is contained in his "this game sux" opening post.
And your guess would probably be wrong. You obviously missed his last post after several posters unhelpfully tried to 'help' him by telling him he would be better off finding things out on his own. :roll:
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Post by Viperswhip » Wed, 18. Oct 17, 23:22

jlehtone wrote:
Timsup2nothin wrote:If nothing else, it takes quite a bit of playing the game before you stumble into that "aha" moment when you realize hey, there are ships just laying around!!!
That is a fair point. There are definitely opportunities for moments of relevation, that are preemptively denied from you, if you acquire foreknowledge by other means.

I, for example, make explicit save occasionally, round robin to all 10 slots. When I reach the 10th, I copy entire folder away. Therefore, I effectively never overwrite any of my explicit saves. (Quite pointless though, for I forget what all those saves have.) :oops:
You can just name the saves once moved by adding a word or two to the file front, easy enough to delete it later if you want to go back to it, and it doesn't break the save file or anything.

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