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[MOD] Expanded Universe X3

Post by Lebedev » Fri, 15. Sep 17, 07:40

Author: Tester 55

Technical support: Lebedev

Description mod:

Initially, it was conceived in this fashion to implement, the return of the old flight (which many experienced in the game x2 the threat). To restore the uncertainty and speed of the battle, which we lost because of the developers who planted us on the turtles (they are called ships).

List of changes mod:

Change the speed of all ships, about to level X2. The threat.

Change the speed of firing guns and the speed of missiles, about to level X2. The threat.

Installation mod:

To install mod to the folder with the installed game and rename (if you have more than 10 cat / dat) to the next after your last cat / dat file.

The required version of the game: 2.5

Download mod

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