NEWS: XNEWS September 2017

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NEWS: XNEWS September 2017

Post by CBJ » Tue, 12. Sep 17, 14:51

XNEWS September 2017

  • X4: Foundations - Everything we know so far
  • X Rebirth VR Edition - WARNING for Oculus 1.18 and Final Release soon
  • X4 - Next livestream coming up!
  • X Rebirth - 4.21 Update coming soon

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Post by Vandragorax » Tue, 12. Sep 17, 15:36

Nice roundup!

Can't wait for the next twitch stream, will be awesome to see more of the development :)

Also how do I subscribe to see these newsletters in my inbox every month? Must have been something I missed :O

EDIT: found the option in my forum profile settings :)

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Post by iniochos » Tue, 12. Sep 17, 19:43

What can i say or to add, Egosoft ?

A pleasant surprise approach!!!

Well done.

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Post by Rail_Balco » Tue, 12. Sep 17, 20:47

what the hell, ES is changing directions! From studio that was silent almost until last moment it's changing to studio that shares news on regular basis?
Keep it coming, thumbs up!

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Post by lyubarskiy » Tue, 12. Sep 17, 21:37

Thank you for becoming more open and mainstream. Keeping quite during a development of this type of game may not always be the best solution. Let us weigh in as much as possible and talk to us as often as possible. THANKS!

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Post by yimmasabi » Thu, 21. Sep 17, 20:37


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