[X3AP] Miscalculations

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[X3AP] Miscalculations

Post by jlehtone » Wed, 13. Sep 17, 21:36

Finally chose to go there. To see how the test subject fares. Tried to be ignorant on first try. Lesson: slow ships are quickly dead ships.

Second attempt broke the plot. I did start repairs instantly, before any Xenon did show up. As result, mission had two simultaneous goals: Repair and Scan, with focus on the former.
Apparently the Repair task completes when hull improves to above 30%. If the hull is already above 30% before the task starts, then it never completes.

Third attempt tried to exploit the hearsay about what triggers the waves of Xenon. Almost did it. Still, death by Corvettes.

There was a miscalculation: I thought that Hammers are Hammerheads and left a click of safety between them. :oops:


The last test drive had many things going for it:
  • Repairing well above 30% before the action and good further repair opportunities.
  • Fighter Drones. Had some 20 with me for the initial contact.
  • Tempests. When there is no time to target, just spam.
  • I had Mosquitos too but not many were consumed, this time.
  • Afterburners. That was a bit tricky.
    1. A ship that has no installed weapons has no weapon energy for the burners to consume.
    2. A ship that has no shield has no shield energy for the burners to consume.
    3. A ship that has no ECells or Spaceflies (had to make room for things to collect) ...
    4. My game tends to CTD if I flip the AB in a furball ... but did not, this time.

CPU hacking had plenty of variation. Is there a sector with equal signs on its name?

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Post by RAVEN.myst » Thu, 14. Sep 17, 14:11

Ah, the fun Xenon graveyard. I wish there was more such content (not TOO much, of course, or then it would be cheapened) - for me, it's these bits that make the endgame fun (plots and missions involving the use of fleets would be another...)

I, too, repair considerably above the "official" repair point - I usually take it to around 80% and rely on the hull platings to take me the rest of the way.

Yes, a few fighter drones for the start are definitely a good idea, and those Tempests you mention became among my favourite missiles relatively recently (about a year and a half ago, I think)
Turbo booster - must-have for this mission, in my opinion! Looooots of kiting done there by yours truly.

Equals signs in a sector name - can't think of one, so I guess you got something like a substitution cypher there, maybe...

Anyhow, sounds like you're having fun :)
Happy (continued) hunting!
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