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Post by seePyou » Thu, 24. Aug 17, 16:48

Do keep in mind that Twitch will not hold the video available and online for more than 60 days (if the owner of the channel has paid Twitch to be a Twitch partner), or 14 days for the rest.

The video will not be available for ever; it's not YouTube.

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Post by Xenon_Slayer » Thu, 24. Aug 17, 16:51

Pretty sure it'll end up on our youtube channel at some point.

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Post by lordpazuzu » Fri, 25. Aug 17, 03:04

I'm now counting the hours to see the next coming masterpiece from you guys!!! So excited to see how X4 is shaping!!!


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Post by mr.WHO » Fri, 25. Aug 17, 16:14

One more question - will stream/presentation be in english or in german?

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Post by CBJ » Fri, 25. Aug 17, 16:50

The presentation will be in English. People will be able to ask questions in German (and possibly a few other languages too!) but answers will normally be in English.

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Post by Falcrack » Sat, 26. Aug 17, 04:16

Just hope it is better than the Star Citizen 3.0 presentation at Gamescom 2017! What a cringefest!

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Post by Denurk » Sat, 26. Aug 17, 09:17

Start the broadcast and on youtube :!:

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Post by Miniding » Sat, 26. Aug 17, 10:55

Will do so too!!!

See you in few hours 8)
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Post by Skeeter » Sat, 26. Aug 17, 11:32

Yeah utube is better for streaming IMO. Rules about live streaming have relaxed a lot meaning anyone can live stream now.
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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Sat, 26. Aug 17, 11:43

On Twitch anyone can live stream too. Besides, a few hours before the livestream starts and after all announcements have mentioned Twitch as the place for the stream is hardly a good time to change the platform. ;)
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Post by Skeeter » Sat, 26. Aug 17, 13:01

Hopefully then when u do use twitch and use OBS probably u can use the record to HDD feature as well as stream option then ull have a hardcopy for utube to upload later on.

Gluck with stream today egosoft. :-). Hopefully there's time for a AMA session at end of the stream. Can't wait to see some pics but hopefully there's a sneak peak video of x4 today with maybe gameplay footage.
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Post by ezra-r » Sat, 26. Aug 17, 15:18

I hate nightbot already, and I am a calmed one.

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Post by Saquavin » Sat, 26. Aug 17, 16:22

Streaming only on twitch in 1080p@60 where viewers can't change the quality = impossible for average connection to look your stream :(
I'm freezing every 4 seconds.

I'm very excited by this presentation, but I will have to wait for replay.

Have a nice afternoon ;)

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Post by Dis Astranagant » Sat, 26. Aug 17, 19:43

For those with problems on twitch, here is a English presentation of X4.
There are things that i reallllllyyyy like and some which I don't but overall, it looks good for an alpha build.

I'm also hoping that you don't forget that there are some of us who like to play on keyboard + mice so please take that in consideration when doing GUI and control schemes.

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Post by iniochos » Sun, 27. Aug 17, 10:56

Thanks egosoft for your truly enormous effort to keep satisfied your followers since X-btf.
X4 Foundations, seems to be a worthy continuation of the previous trilogy.
Keep it up and your followers, not only the "old ones" but the new as well will never leave you.

A question though, if it possible to be answered at this early stage of the game.

What the PC requirements will be. Not the minimum ones.



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