[4.20 HF2] FEEDBACK / BUG - No Reinforced Metal Plating - Improved in update

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[4.20 HF2] FEEDBACK / BUG - No Reinforced Metal Plating - Improved in update

Post by Fenhris » Mon, 14. Aug 17, 14:45

Hello all. I seem to have a strange problem in my game.

Start: Restoration Project
No mods, not savegame alterations (yet)
No 3D headset (I only have an emulation option using my phone, this does not seem to be good enough for XRVR, though it works with other SteamVR games)

I am on the Xenon Incursion mission and cannot advance it. (Someone have a thread for this elsewhere, this is not really about that)

I have not yet been through all the Terrans sectors, but I have been through most (if not all) Albion zones, and most (if not all) Omicron zones, and I am yet to find a station producing Reinforced Metal Plating.

I have found a Construction Yard in OL, but I can not see any RMP being produced there. I also noticed that this construction yard only have 2 production modules when I examine the station. I cannot see which modules we are talking about, as they are not my faction, so I dont have permission.

Every other recource may be few in both Albion and OL, but they can be found. I have 50-60 trade offer updates around Albion and OL, but still noone selling RMP. Anyone else can confirm this?

Very hard to build new stations or ship without RMP ;-).
I have a CV in Albion trying to build a Valley Plantation, with plenty of money, but no RMP supplied. The 3 Fusion reactors I didnt have when starting the buildorder was supplied quite quickly after.

Anyone else have seen this problem?
Could this be related to the gamestart I have?
It looks to me like the plot mission I am on now is the same as in the gamestart "The Threat", can anyone confirm this?

Currently setting up tradeupdates in TER space, I seriously hope those guys can help out. If not, I am royally *******.

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Post by rp198419 » Mon, 14. Aug 17, 15:10


There is no RMP. I have been waiting for 10.2 hours realtime for some to turn up. This is apparently not a new problem but the same situation - to a slightly lesser extent - applies also to fusion reactors.

This problem goes right back years, apparently.

Whilst it is good to have a 'real' economy, it serves no purpose if it completey screws up game play. Furthermore, one should not be forced into boarding pirate ships to obtain RMP; you should be able to buy it.

The lack of RMP also seems to have made building XL ships impossible. Not very helpful if you are trying to buy a CV to produce...RMP!

Devs should rebalance the RMP situation or people will get fed up, just as they have with the lack of some critical resources in Elite Dangerous. That situation has cost Frontier Devs a lot of players who have simply stopped playing,

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Post by Fenhris » Mon, 14. Aug 17, 16:23

Actually the problem with RMP was not really a problem in original XR unless you were playing the Campaign, then it was part of the challenge of getting a station build in DeVries, but Albion alone had several RMP stations, and as long as you were friendly with PMC, no problem existed with RMP.

Here the problem is there seem to be no stations actually producing it. Even the one station I found in OL (Construction Yard) doesnt seem to produce it.

Well, if savefiles can be modded like it could in old XR, I will probably just mod myself enough RMP to finish a construction shop (albion version of construction yard ;-))

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Post by j.harshaw » Mon, 14. Aug 17, 17:08

Thanks for the report.

Quickly went through all of the zones in Albion and the only source of Reinforced Metal Plating in that System appears to be an Arms Tech Fab which produces it as an intermediate resource.

This has been flagged for discussion, at least, and an improvement should make its way out eventually, but it will most likely take a while since other things are more urgent at the moment.

In the meantime, there appears to be plenty of RMP in Home of Light and in Omicron Lyrae.

For those worrying about Fusion Cells, upon game start, i found 20774 units of Fusion Cells for sale distributed among 11 factories in the various Systems, so there should be ample supply while staying nicely scarce. After roughly one hour, there are 7909 units from 6 factories in various Systems, which is as expected as trading ships load up on them for sale.

For the curious, upon game start there was actually more Reinforced Metal Plating than Fusion Cells in this test, but there was very little for sale in Albion.

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Post by Fenhris » Mon, 14. Aug 17, 19:39

Thanks for looking into this. Just found a supply of RMP in HoL.

I must say I kinda like the idea of very little to no supply of RMP within Albion, giving the player a chance to be the one actually supplying it. Especially if this could be hinted within the plot mission, with some hints on where to obtain it.

I will sit on the intire supply of RMP in Albion in my game, MUHAHAHAHAAHAH!!!

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Post by birdtable » Sat, 26. Aug 17, 09:11

Found a PMC Rahanas carrying just under 4k of RMP,,, PMC not amused but my needs were greater.... Took a while to appease them though. Had to withdraw all trade ships to my home zone ... Now to find that carrier of Fusion Reactors... Stations do get built by random trade ships just slowly....

Edit ... Greatly prefer the scarcity of materials to mini games, in a way they are both mini games, one is hit the zone at the right time a ship/cargo is available the other gives a buzzer noise.

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Post by birdtable » Wed, 30. Aug 17, 21:02

Initially there is sufficient RMP and Fusion Reactors but you have no funds to purchase,, eventually there is enough still floating around to build first station,, 2nd station all gone ... spent a total of 4 hrs purely watching trade screen trying to get a few hundred units of Fusion Reactors still need 77 plus you have to supply stations with required materials ... not started to gather RMP yet and this is to start first Ship Tech Fab ..... I can understand trying to limit Station building and I do enjoy the journey but a balance please as you develop game/early access.
Also noticed ships carrying Fusion Reactors with only 1 unit in storage.

Mavo Pi
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Post by Mavo Pi » Wed, 30. Aug 17, 21:09

I now get enough reinforced metal plating by babysitting the construction shop in home of light. Most of the time it's just energy cells missing which I provide with my energy Rahanas. Fusion reactors are now getting brought by NPC traders but at a slow rate.
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Post by birdtable » Thu, 31. Aug 17, 21:11

Thanks for the tip Mavo Pi .. now parked outside Con Shop and as you said feeding it Energy Cells .... moving on again... :)

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Post by birdtable » Fri, 1. Sep 17, 18:25

Don't know if Ego have done anything to alleviate the scarcity of materials, but required goods are appearing more regularly , not in abundance but drip fed which is fine as you know that goods will appear eventually... :thumb_up:

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Post by CalaveraLoco » Wed, 6. Sep 17, 18:59

This is a problem for me too..

By the time I realized it the whole universe was bled dry of Reinforced Metal Plates..

Then I found out there is only ONE construction shop in Home of light (OL is uncharted for me) and it's ground to a halt by the lack of energy cells.

Now the last thing I could build was an energy Rahanas and with that we could restart the production.

Now the trick is that there is huge queue of trades all standing by to do trade with this station and as soon as a new batch is complete (every ingame hour) they ferry it off to god knows where. Once I was lucky enough to purchase a portion of the batch.

I slowly have the money to build my own construction shop just from doing missions and scooping in the meantime. But seriously think I have to go afk for a few days to let the economy catch up to the demand or I restart the game and prevent the energy crisis early.

Also, I found mentions of more construction shops in X rebirth guides, like originally there was another one in Froge welded mail too, no?

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Post by birdtable » Wed, 6. Sep 17, 20:51

Ah yes,, The RMP shortage, in the end I did nothing but park up for a few hours just watching the production of RMP, it was long and boring but I now have a private supply of RMP and Fusion Reactors ... Sucked the Galaxy dry of required commodities ,, now everything I require is rare,,
Will rest (do missions) while the Galaxy recovers and improve my standings so that I can plunder more trade ships to build the stations to supply the stations.

Edit ... I should add ,, The trade ships plundered are usually in Omicron and are the Lyranea, Lyramekron and Olmekron of the pirate races,, so avoiding any disruption of vital station trade ... but a tempting cargo regardless of disruption is always a prize to be considered.
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Post by Sparky Sparkycorp » Thu, 7. Sep 17, 01:08

CalaveraLoco wrote: Also, I found mentions of more construction shops in X rebirth guides, like originally there was another one in Froge welded mail too, no?
It's worth keeping mind that Egosoft adjusted the map layout between XR and XR VR Edition. I am not aware of them removing stations, but some stations have been move out of zones into neighboring "Empty Space".

If classic XR game resources signposted from the Wiki, for example, say a station is in Zone X, it may not exactly be in that zone in XRVR Edition. But if you fly to that zone, there's a good chance the moved station is in visual range, or at least somewhere close-by.
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Post by birdtable » Thu, 7. Sep 17, 07:44

If it is of any help,,, Zones are more sparsely populated, station placement in "empty space" is far more prevalent, in fact still trying to find some. Visual range is reduced, need to be a lot closer to stations for them to appear... The whole Galaxy is a lot less active with regard to trade but plenty of Fight left with missions.

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Post by birdtable » Mon, 11. Sep 17, 08:43

Waiting to see what changes the next update makes to production/trade before building next station.....
The Cuckoo Clock would help in the timings of production runs of desired products.

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