X² Windows 10 video adapter detection

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X² Windows 10 video adapter detection

Post by Reven » Fri, 11. Aug 17, 05:42

I was wondering if anyone else is running X² in Windows 10 on a laptop with multiple video adapters? I have an MSI laptop with both the Intel HD adapter built in on the CPU, and an nVidia one for high performance in 3d games. The issue is that only the integrated Intel HD adapter gets enumerated by the launcher, and even though the laptop is set to automatically switch to the nVidia for 3D games, X² manages to ensure the Intel HD adapter is used. I've tried manually setting the game to run with the nVidia device, I've even tried manually setting the registry for X² to the nVidia adapter and nothing seems to work. It's not vital, I suppose, since even the integrated HD video performs well enough. I'm just curious if anyone else has run into this and found a solution.
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