Saving Failed

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Saving Failed

Post by j_garrett » Thu, 15. Jun 17, 19:09

fresh install no mods, scripts, or SE entries. no matter what i do i cannot save my game. not in stations or in space with SI. uninstall and reinstalled 4 times, no change. PC DVD from Superbox. Thanks for your help.

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Post by CBJ » Thu, 15. Jun 17, 20:41

Which game are you playing? And whichever game it is, have you made sure it's fully updated to the latest version using any relevant updates from the Downloads page?

Possible external causes for failing to save could include lack of disk space, lack of user permissions for the save folder, an X99.sav file in that folder that can't be deleted for some reason, antivirus software that is being a bit over-zealous, or in a way the opposite, a virus interfering.

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