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Post by jlehtone » Thu, 28. Dec 17, 00:47

How well does the 12th / audience know the history of the Lethbridge-Stewart clan? Did we know, one way or the other?

"*that* situation" we had already after the first utterance of "Geronimo!". Well, almost but not quite. Repetition makes the master?
Enjoyable episode.

Did the old series have Christmas specials?

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Post by pjknibbs » Thu, 28. Dec 17, 09:57

matthewfarmery wrote:It was a good episode, but I think it had one major blooper
Thinking about it, I don't think that's a plot hole?
By that time the Doctor had already acknowledged that Testimony aren't some evil organisation and had agreed to return the soldier to his Ypres shell hole, so they could have brought his TARDIS to him or he could have been allowed back aboard their ship to retrieve it--we just didn't need to *see* that.
@jlehtone: No, the old series didn't generally have Christmas specials--they weren't really a thing for drama programmes back in the 70s and 80s. As for your other question:
We've met Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart's daughter--she's the Chief Scientific Officer for UNIT these days, and is played by Jemma Redgrave.

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Post by Bishop149 » Tue, 2. Jan 18, 12:28

Antilogic wrote:Oh, Brilliant!
That was a well thought out line. I was so afraid that her first line would be some awful hackneyed reference to the new found possession of female body parts. Much as Capaldi's made reference to his being Scottish. :cry:

Edit: Oh I also just saw a take on this that the line is a reflection on the Dr being kinda "rewarded" for his eventual decision not to give up to death with a new experience. Which I must admit I kind like.
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