Breaking Grounds plot won't start - heavily modded

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Breaking Grounds plot won't start - heavily modded

Post by JellyBlade » Sat, 18. Feb 17, 04:29

So, I get the bloodstained note from the corporation troubles plot, and upon travelling to Freedom's Reach, I find it's absolutely smothered with Kha'ak, as it's the kha'ak hatchery. (Improved Kha'ak: The Revenge). After clearing them out, I find that the "Teladi Trading Station" is missing, so I return to corporation troubles, waiting for GoD to put the station back in it's place. After it's replaced, I return to Freedom's Reach, and cannot find the person I'm supposed to talk to anywhere. Cue more waiting, to no avail.

Is there anyway I can either
A: Force the plot to start,
B: Summon the person I need to talk to,
or, if these are not possible
C: Force complete the plot, so I can receive the reward from it? Will the XRM plot complete md script work in this case?

After putting in a ton of hours into this save, I really don't want Breaking Grounds to encourage me to quit again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm running the Steam version of X3AP 3.1a in English, with XRM.
Here's a list of my current scripts/mods:
  • Abandoned Ship Spawner for AP (88)
    Advanced Jumpdrive (1.22)
    AP Libraries (2.2)
    Board Station (1.05)
    Carrier Power Link System (0.12)
    Cheat Collection Package AP (1.62)
    Improved Boarding (1.23)
    Improved Races 2.0 (1.08)
    LazCorp Claim Unknown Sector (1.02)
    Logain Industries Capital Ship Energy Cell Generator (2.06)
    Logain Industries Light Support Drone Carrier (2)
    Move To Coordinates (1.00)
    NPC Bailing Addon (1.7.8)
    Rename Ships with Expression (3.4.1)
    Salvage Commands and NPCs (1.5)
    Salvage Insurance Contract (1.00)
    The Marauder Shipyard (0.5)
    TRP - A Gate Too Far (1.3 FR)
    TRP - Operation Loose Ends (1.0 RC1)
    TRP - Stealing Logi (1.4 FR)
    Universal Banking (v502)
    Universe Explorers (2.4.2)
    Community Plugin Configuration (1.51)
    Cycrow Libraries (1.00)
    Hotkey Manager (1.21)
    JSON Parser Library (1.2)
    Ware Manager (1.10)
    MARS TC-AP for Plugin Manager (5.26)
    Phanon Corporation for XRM (1.21)
    AI Shipnames (v2)
    Drone Carrier Software (2.07a)
    X3 Rebalance Mod (v1.30d)
    XRM Cockpit Mod (1.30b, glass tints and reflections)
    XRM Backgrounds Pack
    XRM Mars Data File
    XRM Docking Computer Ware Size Fix for CODEA
    Menagerie Shipyard (1.2AP)
    Rank Indicator for Xenon, Kha'ak, Pirates and Yaki (RanganzeigeXKPY)
    X Achievements (v3)
    Hephaistos Corp. Station Building Service (Beta 0.73)
    Apricot Mapping Service (1.3)
    Command Console Extension (0.9)
    Personal Transporter (v3401)
    Basic Salary (v3104)
    CODEA Weapon System (v3312)
    Ring of Fire
    Complex Cleaner
    Crystal-Free Solar Power Plant
    Yaki Armada 2
    Anarkis Defense System
    Pirate Guild 3
    Salvage Command Suite (4.11)
    Military Transport (v3402)
    Command Library
    Improved Kha'ak 2
    The Galactic News System
    X3AP Bonus Pack
Upon writing that list, I just realized how much redundancy there is on that list. There's 3 mods based on drone carriers. A little overkill, but I had forgotten how little I actually use some of these mods...

But anyways, That's my mod list. I'm using XRM's Hunted Hero start, and have completed every non-tc plot besides Shady Business, and Breaking Grounds. I haven't made any mod additions since I started, and I'm not sure a dxdiag would be helpful, but if necessary, I can supply one.
I've searched all over for anyone else that has had this issue, but couldn't find any.

If it helps at all, when I was installing the non-spk mods, I accidentally put them into the x3tc folder, and not addon, where it belongs. I messily moved things over, and that might've caused something. I've never had any other issues before, so I thought everything was okay.
Thanks for your time!

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Post by Dejakritz » Mon, 25. Dec 17, 00:21

Sucks, I have only XRM installed but I have a similar problem. Searched the webz for two days, even tried using a script to reset this plot from the beginning, nothing seems to work.

My issue is that the Boron who died part, the station doesn't exist (Talk to: invalid in Eta Psi). I go to that sector and there's nothing. So I hacked myself the bloodstained note with scripts and it says to go to freedom reach like you are trying, but the guy doesn't exist.

No one seems to care about it anymore.

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Post by SirNukes » Mon, 25. Dec 17, 01:46

Fixing random plot problems like this seem best served by digging into the scripts directly and finding where you particular issue might be at. In the Player Corp script at around line 7263 it should have set the trading station invincible, so I don't know why it would mess up. (Maybe another mod killed it by script command instead of normal attacks?) You could try replacing the condition at line 7276 with something benign and see if it continues okay.

For the boron issue, I'm not sure where you are stopped exactly, but at a guess it would be around line 4322, so you might try something similar with that condition.

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