Mission Impossible - go home RNG, you're drunk.

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Mission Impossible - go home RNG, you're drunk.

Post by lyonhaert » Fri, 16. Feb 18, 17:09

I'm curious today about stories anybody has of impossible mission spawns, but I bet any impossible circumstance will be entertaining.

The other night I went to HoL / West Gate to grind some station scanning and other chores for trading there. I checked the job board and there was a Very Hard assassination mission in which the target was in a Taranis. I had already failed to capture in one such mission because they got too close to stations, but I figure it's just a matter of luck so I accept the mission. I was in Disctrict 02 and it told me to fly to District 03. Once I'm there it tells me the target is over 1,300 km perpendicular off of the highway. What!?

It took me a while just to get across 300 of those km. By the time I'm that far I notice big chunks are being taken out of his shields and then his hull, since the mission guidance allows me to target him. I think he spawned all the way out in Faraway and decided to fight a bunch of Xenon. :/

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Post by MrFiction » Fri, 16. Feb 18, 17:28

Funny thing, I had something similar in HoL as well. An assassination target spawned about 1200 km from the center of the zone. I managed to cross 200 km before it was destroyed, probably by one of the Xenon sectors nearby.

I've had less impossible mission in X:R compared to X3 where the missions largely depend on your rank and drift into the insane territory after a while.

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Post by RainerPrem » Mon, 19. Feb 18, 06:16


kill missions located in Faraway seems to be an RNG favorite.

I got one, too. Fortunately THAT was a Xenon K, so no killing competition.

And it gave me the opportunity to discover all the Xenon zones in West Gate.


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