Small ships escort kills themselves on capships, and some other questions

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Post by Godzii » Wed, 8. Feb 17, 21:50

Yes, sorry if I come out as abrupt or anything, English is not my native language as you probably have guessed and I'm just trying to be clear :paranid:
Sparky Sparkycorp wrote: I was just replying to the specific case of damage done by NPCs on player-owned ships. Please follow the link I posted above for other global effects of Difficulty Settings.
Yes but above all that. Do you think it's worth reporting? I mean, if player_owned ships are affected by difficulty setting, I think it's awesome. Best bug ever. Would not report.

I would report the opposite... well I guess it's up to one's opinion, but to me difficulty setting [s]cannot[/s] must not only affect the Skunk, it'd be... sad, stupid (I'm making a shortcut here, I did read the link you provided about what is assumed to be affected, thanks for it. I read the entire wiki I think, it's not... very long).

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Post by hisazul » Thu, 9. Feb 17, 04:29

Sparky Sparkycorp wrote:I think the simple answer to the question, "why don't hostiles attack me in empty space zone?" is probably simply:

Until v3.00, we couldn't build stations in empty space and since then, Devs have worked on alternatives to making hostiles use empty space (which would probably create balancing and CPU issues).
hisazul wrote: P is like Katana but ignores shields which is very interesting... sadly since it is yours the fake calculator difficulty renders it useless(on normal they are pretty deadly to all fighters and even some capitals when you have enough).
If this occurs, it would be worth reporting it as a bug because a general understanding of difficulty settings is that it only affects damage done to, or recieved by, the Skunk. I don't think it's meant to affect any player-owned ships. ... y+settings
You are correct but enemy numbers are :P 50 man pirate wing.... I saw it chew arawn with fulmekron like they were not even there... I wish I could say that wonky wings like that were rare.
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