help game crashing after installing a script

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help game crashing after installing a script

Post by tawhitt » Wed, 5. Oct 16, 20:07

Hey guys,i just installed a script in my x3 reunion now the game crashes on the loading screen the script i installed was the salvage network v2.8 by TECSG,now i uninstalled the script but the crashes continue i have v2.5 of x3 reunion the steam version,i already verified the files and all are OK,there are 2 events associated with the crashes but i cant paste them here for some reason,i don't see a way to add an attachment either,so how can i get u guys the info u need to help me?

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Post by Nanook » Wed, 5. Oct 16, 20:25

Since this is a mod issue, you need to post in the appropriate thread in the Scripting and Modding forum where you got the script. The Tech Support forum is for dealing with issues in the unmodded game only. Good luck.
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Post by Alan Phipps » Wed, 5. Oct 16, 23:11

I would say that you need to clean your game install. See the end of this thread for what I mean by a clean reinstall - that bit applies for X3R as well. Since you never got to save with the modded game as it would not load, I would think that your saves are still vanilla and safe.
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