[X3R] Mk3 traders are not showing a destination

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[X3R] Mk3 traders are not showing a destination

Post by LowkeeDragon33 » Mon, 19. Sep 16, 19:41

Hi all :)

I pulled Reunion of the shelf the other week. I decided to buy it through steam, I'm not running any mods other than the bonus package.

I'm having trouble with my Mk3 software, the location entry of the property screen is incorrect. It does not show any destination, I've taken a picture for clarity:

It simply does not show where the ship is going. The traders are trading correctly, but this is annoying.

I've tried:

1) Stopping the command, saving, quitting, reload, and re-issuing it.
2) Transferring the pilot to a new ship and re-issuing the command
3) Moving the software to another ship as to start with a new pilot
4) Buying a whole new ship with fresh software
5) Starting a new game

Any thoughts? Thanks.

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Mon, 19. Sep 16, 22:02

LowkeeDragon33 wrote: I'm not running any mods other than the bonus package.
Then I move this topic to the X Trilogy Universe forum, which is the place for all vanilla gameplay question.


It's been a while, but I don't see anything that's wrong on your screenshot. In the Property menu you can see where your ships are right now. The sector name is displayed at the top left. Additionally the location column shows whether they are flying (i.e. they are in "space") or docked to a station, then the station name is displayed. To learn about the actual target of your ship you have to open its info menu. To do so, from the property menu click on the ship entry of your ship. The top section of the info menu (which should start with information like the pilot name and flight time) can be scrolled down using the page down key (or the mouse and clicking on the double down arrow). Almost at the bottom of it you should find information about the current command and, if the command supports this, the target where your ship is flying to.
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Post by LowkeeDragon33 » Tue, 20. Sep 16, 15:19

Weird, I could have sworn I used to be able to see the destination from the property menu, just like when a ship has a docking command:


Thanks though.

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Post by jlehtone » Tue, 20. Sep 16, 21:47

I can't speak of Mk3, but IIRC there are script commands to explicitly update the "flight plan info" and some routines do use them. Perhaps the Mk3 does not?
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